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DCT’s customisable dust suppression

First publishedin Aggregates Business Europe & International
January February 2017
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DCT’s dust suppression
Dust Control Technology (DCT) is complementing its existing line of stationary dust suppression rings with the ability to produce geometric shapes, bars or other configurations, customised to the needs of the specific application. The company says the new technology can create a virtually unlimited array of shapes and sizes, including the DustBoss DB-R ring, which creates a curtain of mist around the cargo stream or specified area for outstanding containment of fugitive dust or odour.

The customised solution is said to offer high-volume applications such as radial stackers, crushers and screeners more focused and reliable suppression, taking the technology beyond perforated hoses and basic spray nozzles.

“We’ve found that the most effective dust suppression approach involves identifying where in the industrial process fugitive dust is produced and customising a solution that contains it at the point of emission,” says Laura Stiverson, DCT president.

The objective in atomised mist technology for dust suppression is to induce as many collisions as possible between the dust particles and the droplets, causing an agglomeration effect that weighs down the solid particles and drives them to the ground.

At the core of the technology, water is pumped into a stainless steel manifold and atomised by a series of specially designed nozzles that fracture the water into a cascading mist.

“Custom rings and spray bars can be equipped with a pump that is matched to the specific device and the service conditions under which it must operate,” says Stiverson.

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