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DF Ecology dampens dust on Corsica

First publishedon www.AggBusiness.com
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The DF15000-SeaWater in use in Corsica
The DF15000-SeaWater in use in Corsica
Italian company DF Ecology has completed building a new Dustfighter that will operate from nebulised sea water.

On the dry and draught ridden Mediterranean island of Corsica, the lack of dust suppression on construction sites can be a major problem.

Construction giant, Vinci, was working in a Corsican quarry reclaiming asbestos, making water-based dust suppression vital for its safe operations: as its water supply diminished work had to stop.

With an ample supply of sea water, Vinci approached manufacturers of dust suppression equipment, and DF Ecology said it could help, although its range of Dustfighters traditionally use freshwater.

DF Ecology redesigned its Dustfighter DF15000 to operate from seawater, with internal parts made from stainless steel to avoid corrosion, and it added a purpose-built nebuliser, producing a precise spray ready to render the area free from harmful substances.

“By operating this new DF15000 Dustfighter on its construction sites, Vinci can now be confident that its site workers are shielded from potentially injurious substances and it can ensure that supplies of much sought after freshwater are preserved for the wider community,” DF Ecology.

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