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MB Crusher launch BF90.3 S4 4th Generation Crusher Bucket

First publishedin Aggregates Business Europe in Aggregates Business Europe & International
March April 2017
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MB 4th Gen crush bucket

MB Crusher has unveiled the fourth generation model of its famous BF90.3 crusher bucket.

The BF90.3 S4 is said to be more powerful than its previous generation crusher bucket and an ideal tool for the construction and recycling sectors.

It has been optimised, says MB Crusher, to deliver an increase in productivity, thanks to a functional restyling of the internal structure of the machine. This is said to offer an increase in strength and improved reliability in terms of stability and working precision.

The BF90.3 S4 also offers increased options for the regulation of materials in output, a reduction in standard maintenance time thanks to an integrated centralised greasing system, and increased resistance and performance, even in the most extreme operational conditions, thanks to higher levels of power and the strengthening of parts and sections subject to the most stress and wear.

“Revolution and innovation are not static factors, but instead present a continuous challenge for improvement,” says Diego Azzolin, head of production at MB Crusher.

Founded in Italy in 2001, MB Crusher trades globally via a capillary network made up of eight branches, logistic centres, dealers and authorised workshops. All of the stages of design, production and sales are handled at the firm’s new headquarters in Fara, Vicenza, Italy.

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