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SBM MAXI ''proves itself''

First publishedon www.AggBusiness.com
2008 September October
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SBM Mineral processing in crushing minerals
SBM Mineral Processing's "new engineering concept for tracked crushing and screening equipment" is proving itself with many customers, according to the company.

During development of the remax MAXI 12 great importance was attached to minimising the non-productive activities, for example set-up times, and optimising components.

The dimensions of the equipment have been designed for ease of transport, and the remax ECO (plant without a screening unit) can be retrofitted onto a remax MAXI which can be operated without the screening unit, if required.

"Irrespective of the model selected, the type RHS SBM impact crusher gives a high milling rate. The input aperture (840mm high by 1,260mm wide) together with the high moment of inertia of the rotor (with a diameter of 1,100mm or 1,200mm, as required) ensures safe operating conditions, even with feeding sizes of up to approximately 700mm body diagonal," said a spokesperson for SBM.

The feeder trough is controlled by the power to the crusher unit, so that an optimal feed rate is achieved, depending on the materials to be fed.

The equipment is fitted with a new control system, and the post-screening unit is integrated by attaching it to the frame with bolts. The 6.1m long stockpile belt (optional) for the screened product has a discharge height of more than 3.4m. The stockpile volume achieved is 60mĀ³.


Manufacturer: SBM Mineral processing Model: remax MAXI 12
Intake aperture: 840mm high by 1,260mm wide Stockpile volume: 60m3

Special features: Fast set up; optimised design; compact transport dimensions; controlled feed rate

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