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Conveyors, stackers and stockpile competition hots up globally

First publishedin Aggregates Business Europe & International
January February 2016
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Edge Innovate RTS80 radial tracked stockpile
An Edge Innovate RTS80 radial tracked stockpile at work at an Australian quarry site
What was already a competitive global conveyor, stacker and stockpiler equipment market has become more so with a major quarrying OEM entering the fray. Guy Woodford reports.

Terex Washing Systems (TWS) has made an eye-catching entry into the global conveyors market.

The renowned materials washing specialist’s self-powered, diesel hydraulic tracked AggreStac conveyor will be available in three versions - 50ft, 65ft and 80ft. TWS says each of its new conveyors offer easy and low-cost transport costs, which are reflected in their ability to ship in one 40ft container, with track in, track out ability, eliminating crane costs and lengthy set-up times.  

With 400mm dual speed tracks as standard, the AggreStac is said to offer speed and control during installation across any terrain, while with different scraper and secondary guarding options, the AggreStac can be customised to suit various applications in different regions.

The machines are manufactured at the company’s state-of-the-art plant near Bangalaore, India, and the project is described as “the first step in a much bigger conveyor project”.

The Terex AggreStac Conveyor Range is said to share similar innovative design features to that of TWS’ latest washing solutions, and also comprises tried and tested components used in existing Terex equipment such as rollers, drums and drives. The design provides a full range of high-specification options including full under belt and head drum guarding, radio control movement and setup where required. Terex AggreStac Conveyors are also designed to easily integrate with existing electrical and hydraulic control systems on TWS equipment. Additionally, it removes the need for TWS customers to use third party suppliers of auxiliary equipment and provides high-quality, cost-effective stockpiling equipment to complement TWS’ full range of washing and screening equipment. This is said to make for more manageable and effective project management, installation and commissioning of one complete washing solution for the customer.

The Terex AggreStac Conveyors have been developed in response to market research, whereby both global distributors and existing TWS global customer base were consulted as part of a thorough research programme.
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Superior Industries’ Auto Level technology
Superior Industries' Auto Level technology enables the US firm's TeleStacker Conveyors to maintain level movement while in radial travel mode
Sean Loughran, TWS director, said: “This is yet another exciting venture for TWS and further enhances the TWS product range to include everything from quality feed products and modular wash plants, through to enhanced stockpiling solutions. This latest product development demonstrates our ongoing commitment to continually serve our customers’ needs.”

One of TWS’ distributors, Allan Kane, general manager, Blue Machinery Scotland, added: “As a distributor for TWS, the introduction of the new line of conveyors helps position us to better serve our customer needs in terms of providing them with a complete TWS solution. The new conveyor range adorns many features such as containerisation for shipping, track in/track out and hydraulic controlled functions which will undoubtedly be attractive to our customers.”

Telestack’s Aggregates division says its AggStack range, a series of value added mobile conveying systems designed to meet the needs of the quarry, aggregate, sand and gravel markets, are proving a big hit among customers.

Combining the experience and knowledge that Telestack has gained in material handling over the past 17 years, and feedback from the company’s dealers and customers, the innovative AggStack range of entry level radial telescopic stackers, radial fixed length stacking conveyors, truck unloaders, hopper feeders and link conveyors are said to score highly on functionality, strength and price point.

The AggStack series brings together a range of equipment into one product group, while offering different options to enhance the functionality of each unit, in line with the application.

When the project began in 2013, Telestack conducted intensive market research to ensure that they understood the needs of owner /operator and rental fleet customers. The research indicated a need for reliable, strong and fuss free equipment that didn’t cost the earth. As a result, the AggStack range was born.

The AggStack Radial Telescopic Conveyors’ range has a proven record of performance and reliability operating in a range of aggregate applications around the globe (stockpiling, bay loading, linking and reclaiming). The mobility options of the unit allows for the operator to utilise this technology anywhere on site, ensuring a high production capacity and a claimed 30% more stockpile capacity on the same footprint when compared to fixed length/height conveyors. The AggStack Radial Telestack range can be used to operate with mobile systems, with optional tracks and integrated genset for ultimate flexibility when operating with mobile equipment. The unit can also easily integrate into a fixed plant system to ensure a quality finished product and large stockpile capacity, while, at the same time, reducing potential dust segregation, degradation, contamination and compaction of the material.

Commenting on his recent purchase of an AggStack TS532 Radial Telescopic Conveyor, Alexander Draeger, managing director of Cristophel, the Telestack dealer based in Lübeck, northern Germany, said: “This is a really key gap in the aggregate market now filled by the Telestack AggStack range. We received the TS-532 AggStack Radial Telescopic unit in June 2015, and already the appetite for this unit in the marketplace is apparent. Its durability, functionality and production rates are really reassuring, and I can already tell that this range will sell well in our market. Although it is an entry level unit, you can still add options so that it meets your specific needs. Overall, the customer is really happy with this unit and we are looking forward to additional sales in 2016.”
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MegaFlex screen media from Smiley Monroe
MegaFlex screen media from Smiley Monroe is said to be made from a highly flexible and resilient rubber membrane
The AggStack Radial Telescopic Conveyors range is designed to help eliminate or reduce segregation, degradation, contamination and compaction of aggregate material. Furthermore, optional multiple PLC automatic stockpiling programmes supply the AggStack unit operator with a versatile, ergonomic and reliable stockpiling system capable of radial windrow, incline windrow and radial conical stockpile formations delivering impressive radial stockpiling of up to 270°.

Malachy Gribben, Telestack’s commercial director, said: “We pride ourselves on listening to the customer and we are enthusiastic about the global potential for the AggStack Radial Telescopic range. The TS242 that was sold to Imerys in Turkey and the TS532 sold to Cristophel are both performing well. Our market research also drove home the need for AggStack link conveyors, stackers, Truck Unloaders and Hopper Feeders and they will be exciting additions to the Telestack range in 2016. We have spent the past couple of years field-testing equipment and revising the specifications to ensure we were meeting and exceeding customer expectations, and 2016 will see new additions to the AggStack range which we believe will offer our customers fantastic value for money solutions to solve their material handling challenges.”

Telestack has always been renowned throughout the aggregates industry for the quality of its machines and the company was recently awarded UKAS accreditation covering key global standards; ISO 14001 (Environmental Management), OHSAS 18001 (Health & Safety Management). This is in addition to the Northern Ireland headquartered firm’s existing accreditation to ISO 9001 (Quality Management). The Telestack Integrated Management System (IMS) ensures that anything which has an effect on overall business performance is monitored, actioned and improved.

BLT SA, exclusive distributors in sub-Saharan Africa for Samson bulk materials handling equipment, has delivered two 85tonne material feeders to Namdeb Diamond Corporation’s mine in Orangemund, Namibia. The mobile surface material feeders, based on Samson’s MF 1610W series, were modified especially for Namdeb, to efficiently handle bulk aggregates, including dune sand and rock, as well as desert sand, gravel and tailing.
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fixed conveyor section in Orangemund, Namibia
1km fixed conveyor section (in distance) feeding the movable conveyor section at the Samson bulk materials handling equipment deploying Namdeb Diamond Corporation mine in Orangemund, Namibia
“Samson’s automated handling systems, which require minimal civil works, are designed to join together fixed and mobile equipment, providing a cost-efficient and highly productive alternative to fixed bulk handling installations,” said Charity Gumede, BLT SA’s marketing director. “These surface material feeders, which receive materials directly from 40tonne dump trucks, have a buffer holding capacity of up to 66.2tonnes. These feeders have a regulated output feed rate of 1,000tonnes per hour, direct to an ongoing conveyor system. Material is drawn from the tipping truck in a controlled stream, which means dust generation is significantly reduced, minimising environmental pollution.

“A special design feature of these units was the incorporation of a reject grille that prevents oversized material passing from the feeder to the ongoing conveyor. These grilles, which are fully supported by the feeder, can be manually adjusted for different lump sizes.”

Each material feeder is mounted on a chassis with four pneumatic polyurethane filled tyres and has been provided with a heavy-duty removable towing frame for repositioning of the feeder around the site.

These units have a deflected chassis design with an inclined discharge section to raise the material to the discharge height, providing simplified transfer to the conveyor system. A horizontal loading section enables the feeder to receive material direct from tipping trucks. This design maximises holding capacity and minimises vehicle access ramp requirements. The flared entry section increases volume entry, providing reduced tipping time and greater flexibility in vehicle alignment.

For optimum performance, the 5-ply conveyor belts are supported by trapezoidal form, load-bearing double apron bars, located on every pitch of the heavy-duty conveyor chain.

The electromechanical drives comprise a direct coupled electric motor with shaft-mounted helical bevel type reduction gears at either side of the shaft. Each drive is controlled by a single AC inverter for soft starting and variable belt speed.

Levelling blade output controllers provide a regulated volumetric discharge to the conveyor proportional to the belt speed.
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Telestack AggStack RS wheeled stacker
A Telestack AggStack RS wheeled stacker stockpiling crushed and screen aggregate material
Instrumentation for enhanced performance and protection of equipment, includes tail shaft rotator sensors and control units, head chute blockage detectors and lockable emergency stop switches.

The material feeders for Namdeb were manufactured in Vredendal, Western Cape, with original Samson components, according to stringent UK engineering specifications. They were transported over 500km by road to Namibia and are now fully operational at the mine.

Superior Industries has unveiled new technology that allows its TeleStacker Conveyors to maintain level movement while in radial travel mode.

This patent-pending technology allows the telescopic radial stacking conveyor to maintain a balanced conveyor structure. As a result, the TeleStacker Conveyors belting is less prone to mistracking. Uneven conveyor structure, says Superior, is one of the leading causes of inaccurate belt tracking.

Auto Level technology is standard on all FD Axle model TeleStacker Conveyors equipped with PilePro Automation. Superior manufactures FD Axle models in lengths of 33.5m, 39.6m, 41.5m, 45.7m and 48m.

Meanwhile, another US firm, Martin Engineering, has come up with an innovative solution that is said to prevent carryback released by secondary conveyor belt cleaners from sticking to the rear slope of the discharge chute. If left to build up, material can encapsulate secondary cleaners and deposit harmful carryback onto the return side of the belt, fouling idlers and pulleys. The Martin Vibrating Dribble Chute uses material disruption to cause tacky sludge and fines to fall from the chute wall and back into the main discharge flow. By addressing these issues, operators can, says Martin, experience a reduction in maintenance hours, equipment replacement and downtime, lowering the overall cost of operation.

Prompted by customer requests, Martin engineers observed that the majority of the build-up released by secondary cleaners collected at the rear of the chute mouth, where a sloped surface can trap carryback.  According to Dan Marshall, product engineer for Martin Engineering: “We discovered that this could happen with nearly every discharge chute conveying adherent material.  In some cases, even chutes treated with a low-friction coating can experience build-up. It’s only with the persistent disruption from vibration that we found materials flowed consistently.”
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Smiley Monroe’s CoverClean conveyor belt cleaning system
Smiley Monroe's CoverClean conveyor belt cleaning system is being officially launched at bauma 2016
Comprised of three parts, a low-friction polyurethane dribble sheet, a steel mounting bracket and a powerful vibrator, the combination of mechanical disruption and the slick surface prevents material from adhering and feeds it back into the main discharge flow. When the unit is mounted into the existing chute-work, it often extends the rear configuration closer to the belt, increasing the amount of material captured and further reducing spillage. 

Being officially launched to the market at bauma 2016 in Munich, Germany Smiley Monroe’s innovative new MegaFlex screen media, produced from a highly flexible and resilient rubber membrane, has been operating since October 2014 on a range of static vibratory screens at CES Quarry Products’ Saintfield site in Northern Ireland.

The customer is said to be able to now, for the first time, successfully produce a finished product within strict tolerances. Smiley Monroe’s MegaFlex  screen mats are used by CES for ‘over the top’ screening of 10mm high-grade PSV stone, used for road building, where they remove dust and fines with minimal pegging and blinding and associated product contamination.

MegaFlex screen media is said to have helped CES increase productivity, reduce maintenance and deliver a higher quality end product. MegaFlex will be available in a range of apertures, sizes and fixings to suit most tensioned screen decks.

CoverClean is a further new product from Lisburn, Northern Ireland-based Smiley Monroe. Also being officially launched at bauma 2016, the conveyor belt cleaning system features primary and secondary cleaners with either polyurethane or tungsten carbide blades, said to ensure consistent cleaning efficiency, and easy to fit replacement parts are readily available from stock. All configurations of CoverClean offer long service life and are suitable for limited space applications and retrofitting.

After 20 years as a leading manufacturer of conveying solutions, Edge Innovate is said by its marketing and technical publisher, Adrian Donnelly, to be acutely aware that one style of conveyor is nowhere near sufficient enough to meet the differing requirements of each material handling operation.

“The abundant list of conveyor types and options available are testament to this,” said Donnelly. “Differing discharge heights, transfer lengths, condition of terrain, availability of power, the frequency of repositioning, throughput and of course, budget are all factors that must be taken into account when an operator is determining what solution meets all of their requirements. A simple look at the extensive material handling range offered by Edge Innovate highlights the various conveyor solutions needed to meet the challenges faced by operators, not to mention the never-ending list of differing materials that are transported.
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Martin Vibrating Dribble Chute
The Martin Vibrating Dribble Chute is said to stop carryback released by secondary conveyor belt cleaners from sticking to the rear slope of the discharge chute
“Starting with the chassis format, depending on how the customer wants to integrate the conveyor into their existing system and how they wish to stockpile will determine the conveyor type they are seeking. There are pros and cons to every conveyor format. The track option is the perfect option for operators who frequently reposition their conveyors. A track stockpiler is a self-propelled, independent unit that can be easily and quickly manoeuvred across rough terrain with increased operator handling; however, it may not be the ideal product for the creation of radial stockpiles. The mobile stockpiler gives the operator the added advantage of a radial stockpile function but they must be towed by another self-propelled vehicle onsite. The ultimate solution is to combine the best of both formats into one unit. A radial track stockpiler encompasses a track unit with radial stockpile functionality.”

Donnelly said Edge Innovate offers a full range of various conveyor types to fulfil the challenges faced by operators including static, mobile, track and even a radial track conveyor model.

He continued: “The RTS-Series or radial track stockpiler offered by Edge provides customers with all the advantages of a self-contained unit that can be self-propelled, but retains the radial stockpile function of a mobile conveyor via its powered wheel drives. By engaging its radial wheel drives and automatic angle adjustment via the fully automated stacker control system found on the RTS, operators are able to create impressive radial stockpiles with minimal supervision, whilst ensuring health and safety is top priority onsite.

“Operators must also take into consideration other deciding factors such as loading methods and applications. If the conveyor is to be loaded directly by excavator or wheeled loader then a feed conveyor would best suit this application. If you wish to load directly with a wheeled loader on all three sides of the hopper but do not want the extra cost of constructing ramps, then a low feed track stockpiler would be your best fit. If you wish to run a constant feed of material but retain the ability to track parallel to, let’s say, a barge, then a conveyor with a 360° slew functionality would provide the flexibility you require. Edge pioneered the inclusion of slewing technology by way of its LTS 360° Unlimited range.”

Donnelly said that the manner in which operators wish to power their conveyors also varies due to application and material being transferred. Other determining factors, said Donnelly, may include the availability of diesel or electricity, the current power source being utilised, the ability of the customer’s service staff, throughput required and their past experiences.

“The biggest advantage of a diesel/hydraulic driven conveyor is that they can be operated in remote locations due to being self-contained with only fuel being required,” he added.  “Diesel/hydraulic powered units tend to be simpler to service than that of their more complex electric driven counterparts. However; the advantages of electric-powered equipment over diesel models extend well beyond the obvious savings on diesel fuel with significant savings on operating and maintenance costs. They also provide unbeatable dependability and uptime.”

Donnelly said Edge Innovate offers “massive flexibility” in terms of power source configuration with hydraulic coupling, diesel/hydraulic, electric/hydraulic, direct electric, diesel genset and dual power available for the Northern Ireland firm’s entire material handling range.

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