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Dump trucks moving more material

First publishedin Aggregates Business Europe & International
2016 November December
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Terex Trucks TR70 rigid dump truck
The Terex Trucks TR70 rigid dump truck in Norway
A variety of dump trucks are being used to move masses of material at work sites. Patrick Smith reports

Norway’s largest construction contractor selected a 65tonne capacity Terex Trucks TR70 rigid dump truck to load and transport blasted rock from the quarry face uphill to a crusher.

The hauler was supplied to Risa, operating in the southern part of Stavanger, on a five-year rental agreement with Volvo Maskin, Terex Trucks’ dealer.

“The truck has been running for close to 500 hours, and Risa has seen an upsurge of more than 50% in productivity due to the high capacity of the TR70,” says Andrè Gulholm, sales and product manager at Volvo Maskin.

The RDT allows for 25tonnes more material to be moved per hauling cycle in comparison to the company’s former truck, which it says could only bear a total load of 40tonnes.

The RDT, built in Motherwell, Scotland, is fitted with liners in the body to add protection from the hard and abrasive rock.

The TR70’s Detroit Diesel MTU-2000TA 12-cylinder, 24litre engine provides a gross power of 567kW, and Risa’s TR70 is fitted with an extra refuelling pump and diesel heater as well as added headlights for high visibility during the dark Norwegian winters.

In another operation, Terex Trucks’ TR60 rigid haulers are clocking up 25,000 hours moving overburden for Atlantis Mining in South Africa.

A long-standing Terex Trucks customer, Atlantis Mining is currently putting its TR60 rigid dump trucks to work at the Vaalbult Colliery in Mpumalanga, where the 55tonne capacity machines are being used to remove blasted rocks and hard overburden.

Also constructed at the Motherwell factory, the TR60 trucks, supplied by Babcock International, the official distributor of Terex Trucks in southern Africa, are fitted with Cummins six-cylinder, 19litre engines, and are also periodically used for transporting coal from the face to the colliery. 
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Doosan DA40-5 ADT
A new Doosan DA40-5 ADT on hauling duties at Humberside Aggregates
A new DA40-5 Stage IV-compliant articulated ADT is now part of three generations of Doosan machines, mostly purchased over the last ten years, being used at the quarrying operations of Humberside Aggregates at North Cave, in East Yorkshire, UK.

It is working alongside four Doosan crawler excavators (DX530LC-3, DX420LC-3, DX300LC-3 and DX225LC-3 models) and seven Doosan wheeled loaders, including DL420-3 and DL450-3 machines and the latest DL450-5 Stage IV model bought this year.

Filtermech Plant Sales, based in Wakefield, the authorised Doosan dealer for the area, supplied the Doosan equipment.

Doosan says that the design of the new DA40-5 ADT meets the latest Stage IV/Tier 4 Final emission standards and incorporates many additional features and product improvements in load carrying performance; fuel efficiency; enhanced controllability, and high operator comfort.  

“The truck works closely with the DX530LC-3, 52tonne excavator, which is our main face machine,” says Alan Simmester, operations director at Humberside Aggregates.  

“Like the Doosan DX480LC, 48tonne excavator that it replaced, the boom and dipper on the DX530LC-3 have been lengthened to match the quarry face, to give a consistent mix of material, which is loaded into the DA40-5 and our other trucks, and transferred for stockpiling before being loaded into our washing and processing plant by the Doosan wheeled loaders. These are equipped with load meters to ensure that trucks are filled correctly.”

The North Cave quarry produces two types of sand, an 0/2mm soft sand and an 0/4mm sharp sand mainly used in the concrete industry, and three types of stone, 10mm, 20mm and 40mm gravels.

After quarrying works are completed, the team at Humberside Aggregates liaises with The Yorkshire Wildlife Trust regarding restoration design requirements, and the company’s other Doosan excavators are utilised to form the landscape into lakes and other features. The restored areas are then handed to The Yorkshire Wildlife Trust who manage and develop these into “the fantastic” North Cave Wetlands.
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Bell Equipment’s B60E ADT
Bell Equipment's B60E ADT is ideal for a number of specific applications
Doosan says that as with all its ADTs, the DA40-5 model features an articulation hinge positioned behind the turning ring to provide equal weight distribution to the front axle even during maximum steer articulation.

“This together with a free-swinging rear tandem bogie ensures equal distribution of weight to each wheel and guarantees permanent six-wheel contact and drive for equal power distribution and excellent performance on difficult terrain,” says the company.

The Doosan DA40-5 is powered by the new Scania DC13 368kW diesel engine, which meets the Stage IV/Tier 4 Final emission regulations through the use of both Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and Exhaust Gas Recirculation (ECR) technologies and a new ZF EP transmission.

In the DA40-5, the body capacity has been increased to 24.4m³ and the payload has been boosted to 40tonnes without tailgate, an increase of more than 15% over the payload of the previous MT41 model from Doosan.

Meanwhile, Volvo Construction Equipment is continuing to highlight the 50th anniversary in 2016 of the articulated hauler concept with the launch of its H-Series range, which includes its biggest ever production articulated hauler, the 60ton (55tonne) capacity A60H. Designed for heavy hauling in severe off-road operations, including quarries, opencast mines and large earthmoving operations, the A60H is engineered with heavy-duty front and rear frames, hitch and wet disc brakes.

“Volvo CE has come a long way from its original 10tonne articulated hauler in 1966, Gravel Charlie,” says the company.

The A60H is powered by a 16litre Volvo engine, delivering maximum power of 382kW and 3,200Nm of torque.

“With the A60H, valuable data is on hand to improve onsite efficiency and save costs. With intelligent systems from Volvo, such as Matris, CareTrack and the On Board Weighing System, customers can optimise production and minimise operational costs. Volvo uses the latest technology to monitor machine operation and status, advising on the best ways to increase profitability,” says the company.

“The On Board Weighing System guarantees the optimal load every cycle. This maximises production, boosts fuel efficiency and reduces machine wear in all site conditions and operations. And a huge array of Customer Support Agreements offers preventive maintenance; total repairs, and a number of uptime services, helping keep control of maintenance costs.”

The company’s G-Series articulated haulers offer payloads ranging from 25-45tonnes. The range, A25G, A30G, A35G, A40G, and the new 45tonne class A45G and A45G FS, are designed for heavy hauling in severe off-road operations, including quarries, open cast mines and large earthmoving operations.
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Volvo CE A60H ADT
Volvo Construction Equipment's 55tonne capacity A60H
Powered by the Volvo Tier 4 Final / Stage IV engines, which range from 234kW on the A25G to 347kW on the A45G, the G-Series are said to deliver “excellent fuel efficiency without compromising on power or performance, providing significant improvements in fuel economy, compared to the models they replace.”

Bell Equipment’s market-leading E-series has evolved with the addition of the ground-breaking B60E, which was officially unveiled at this year’s Hillhead.

Bell Equipment says its new B60E ADT is a 4x4 with full articulation steering and oscillation joint, which keeps all four wheels on the ground and fully utilises the traction available.

It is powered by the latest Mercedes-Benz engine, said by Bell Equipment to deliver lower fuel consumption than a traditional rigid truck.  

“With its four-wheel drive and ability, through the incorporation of an independent front and rear chassis, to keep its wheels on the ground, the B60E is ideal for a number of specific applications. The tighter turning circle of the B60E and its ability to negotiate steeper ramps are also significant advantages over its rigid truck counterparts,” says Nick Learoyd, managing director of Bell Equipment.

“It has already proven itself in a number of trials across various industries and we’re confident it will fast become a popular addition to our already well-regarded E-series.”

Bell has featured Safe Tip Management as standard within its Fleetm@tic system since 2008. The system includes an inclinometer, which measures the angle of the vehicle and cross-references it with the on-board weighing feature, while a sensor sets the limits for when the bin tip function can be activated safely.

If a vehicle is at an angle where lifting the bin could cause instability, the system will prevent the bin from tipping.

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