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New German dealer joins forces with Terex Trucks

First publishedin Aggregates Business Europe & International
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Terex Trucks TA400.jpg
The TA400 is the most powerful articulated hauler on offer from Terex Trucks
With Germany currently a hotbed for infrastructure projects, Terex Trucks plans to capitalise with a new dealer for its ADTs and construction equipment in the north of the country. Liam McLoughlin reports.

Terex Trucks has just signed its third dealer in Germany, and the articulated hauler manufacturer claims the timing could not be better.

Maschinenbau Rehnen is the latest addition to the Terex dealer network and covers northern Germany. The family-run company was established in the 1960s and has since gone onto become a major player in the German construction market. It has three branches – in Heede, Georgsheil and Unna – and employs 50 people including mechanics, engineers and foreign-trade clerks.

Terex says that Germany has become a hotbed for construction, thanks to a growing demand for real estate and a multi-billion euro budget set aside for infrastructure projects.

“Maschinenbau Rehnen has a big share of one of the strongest, most prestigious markets for construction equipment,” says Guy Wilson, global sales director for Terex Trucks.

The dealer will be selling both of Terex Trucks’ articulated haulers – the TA300 and TA400 – as well as providing customers with spare parts, after-sale support and repairs. The TA300 has a maximum payload of 28 tonnes, a maximum torque of 1,880Nm, a heaped capacity of 17.5m³ and can achieve 276kW gross power. This, together with its Scania DC9 engine, means that it can perform in challenging applications including quarries, infrastructure developments and commercial construction projects. The TA300 also comes equipped with true independent front suspension and – as of earlier this year – the new ZF EP320 transmission, resulting in improved operator comfort, fuel efficiency, performance and productivity.

With a maximum payload of 10 tonnes higher than the TA300, the TA400 is the most powerful articulated hauler on offer from Terex Trucks. The manufacturer says it is a popular choice among customers working on quarries, mines and steep inclines. The heavyweight hauler can lift up to 38 tonnes and has a maximum torque of 2,100Nm. The TA400 also has a heaped capacity of 23.3m³ and is fitted with an Allison HD4560 transmission, which boasts high-performance oil and extends the time between service intervals to 6,000 hours.

Germany is currently battling with an extreme shortage of affordable homes, which has led to a surge in residential construction. The government has set aside more than €5 billion to help tackle the problem. Real estate isn’t the only area in which Germany is investing its money, though – infrastructure is also a top priority. In fact, state spending on infrastructure has been a central focus for some years – in 2015, the government allocated €7 billion to help fund large-scale infrastructure projects. With Germany being such a hotbed for construction, Terex Trucks is keen to expand and strengthen its presence throughout the country.

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Terex_trucks Heinz-Herman Rehnen.JPG
Marcel Wimker, machine sales leader at the dealership and Heinz Herman Rehnen (right), managing director of Maschinenbau Rehnen
In England, the Norfolk-based aggregate extraction and processing firm Longwater Gravel says that the first Bell Equipment machine it has acquired, a B30E articulated dump truck (ADT), has already proved its capabilities.

With a need to keep three quarries successfully operating throughout the Norfolk area, Longwater Gravel depends on the reliable function of powerful aggregate tipper vehicles with the ability to consistently perform.

In the past, the company has met its operation’s vehicular needs by purchasing pre-owned, off-highway dump trucks.  However, recently it found the need to acquire a used truck at a crucial time could not be achieved due to lack of machine availability in the busy current market.

“The shortage of suitable pre-owned trucks naturally led us to look for a new, but highly appropriate ADT solution,” says Will Littleboy, managing director at Longwater Gravel.

“To find the right machine for the job, we chose to test drive demo versions of both a new machine, manufactured by our usual supplier of pre-owned trucks, alongside, for the first time, a Bell Equipment ADT.”

Littleboy explains that he had been talking with Bell Equipment about the ADT options open to him for some time, and had heard promising reports regarding Bell from other industry associates. With his pending need to discover what the market had to offer, he felt the moment was right to put a demo model B30E through its paces.

Following the trial, Longwater Gravel opted to buy a new B30E, complete with onboard weighing and SafeTip systems, as well as the low ground pressure tyres.

Littleboy highlights the benefits of the B30E’s option of Bridgestone extra wide, low ground pressure tyres that better displace the machine’s force and prevent underfoot conditions from becoming too compacted, so ground drainage is improved within refilled quarry environments.

“We haven’t looked back since and have found the machine to be more reliable than anything we’ve used before,” he says. “It gives improved pull and our operator thinks it’s great; comfortable, quiet and capable, proving itself to be a machine that makes his life easier.”

Longwater Gravel has subsequently ordered another B30E, which was delivered in late 2018.

Another UK customer expressing satisfaction with a Bell ADT is Alf Kitching. The North Lincolnshire-based quarry and civil engineering excavation specialist says that a B40D, purchased at Hillhead 2016, has now successfully hauled over one million tonnes of limestone.

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A Cat 745 ADT, fitted with one of Philippi-Hagenbuch's PHIL sideboards
The new machine started work in September 2016 and has since racked up 5,000 hours. It has spent the last 15 months operating at Singleton Birch, Melton Ross Quarries, hauling blasted limestone and averaging an output in the region of 130,000 tonnes of stone every month.

The articulated dump truck rental market is highly competitive in the US. From time to time, the truck bodies on these trucks cannot contain the material they need to maximise efficiency. In light of this, a Caterpillar dealer recently enlisted Illinois-based off-highway truck customisation company Philippi-Hagenbuch to increase the volumetric capacity of its Cat 745 articulated dump truck by adding 228.6mm (9-inch) sideboards.

Philippi-Hagenbuch claims that, whether the off-highway truck has a tailgate or not, the addition of its PHIL Sideboards is useful in increasing the volumetric capacity of the truck body and assists in minimising material spillage over the body sides.

Installation was carried out at the PHIL factory in Peoria, but can also be done at the dealership or at the client site. When paired with a tailgate, Philippi-Hagenbuch says that this set of sideboards increased the volumetric capacity of the truck by approximately 8.23m3 — more than 28% extra room to be used by haulage rental clients.

PHIL Sideboards are available in 25.4mm (1-inch) increments from 228.6mm (9 inches) to more than 1016mm (40 inches) for most makes and models of articulated haulers and rigid frame trucks.

In addition to rear-eject bodies and trailers, Philippi-Hagenbuch designs and builds end-dump bodies, trailers, tailgates and water tanks for nearly every make and model of articulated and rigid frame off-highway truck available.

At the bauma China trade show in November, Volvo CE exhibited its largest rigid hauler, the R100E.

The vehicle, launched in July 2018, is designed to be suitable for all quarrying and mining applications and offers a 95-tonne payload. It is powered by the premium 783 kW (1,075 hp) engine and the combined drivetrain delivers high torque capabilities. Drivetrain control and machine movements are supplied by the new Volvo Dynamic Shift Control, which automatically tailors the transmission shift points depending on the worksite and operational inputs.

Volvo claims that customers can expect to spend less per haul with the R100E, which features a 60.4m3 capacity V-shaped body for optimum load retention and minimal material carry-back.

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