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New loaders putting durability first

First publishedin Aggregates Business Europe & International
January February 2017
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Hitachi’s ZX890LCH-6 crawler excavator
Hitachi's new ZX890LCH-6 crawler excavator is said to combine durability and high efficiency
Exceptional durability is a vital ingredient of the best loading models for quarrying customers, as Guy Woodford reports.

Loading models that offer exceptional durability without compromising on efficiency offer an appealing return on investment for quarrying customers. Indeed, it’s this combination that Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) (HCME) claims it can offer with its new ZX890LCH-6 and ZX690LCH-6 large crawler excavators.

With more than 200 redesigned features and improved components, the new Zaxis-6 models incorporate innovative Hitachi technology developed specifically for the new large excavator range, and offer a high level of comfort and safety for operators.

Several features enhance the durability of both the ZX890LCH-6 and ZX690LCH-6.The models’ boom has been reinforced with thicker plates, and the undercarriage consists of robust components including the track link, master pin, idler pedestal and bracket, and upper roller bracket.

The new Zaxis-6 large excavators incorporate other high-quality components such as the in-cab console, which is made of weather-resistant AES-grade resin that prevents damage from UV rays. The upper structure has high-quality sealant (around the cooling package) and acoustic materials to eliminate any deterioration caused by heat. These ensure the machine’s long-term cooling and low-noise performance.

Fitted onto both new large crawler excavators, HIOS IIIB technology developed by Hitachi is said to offer exceptional efficiency. It uses two pumps and control valves to reduce Zaxis-6 models’ fuel consumption. The 84.4-87.3tonne operating weight ZX890LCH-6 can, says HCME, save up to 6% fuel in PWR mode, with the same productivity as the previous model. The 68.7-70.6tonne operating weight ZX690LCH-6 is said to be able to save up to 4% fuel in PWR mode, while also retaining the same productivity as its predecessor. HIOS IIIB hydraulic technology also has a positive impact on productivity, due to the efficient swing, boom lowering, arm and bucket roll-out. Another example of the advanced technology fitted to the ZX890LCH-8 and ZX690LCH-6 is the after-treatment device that results in fewer emissions and a quieter performance. It consists of a DOC (diesel oxidation catalyst), SCR (selective catalytic reduction) system and silencer. The SCR system injects urea through a mixing pipe into exhaust gas to reduce nitrous oxide NOx. Pollutants are also said to be reduced by the variable geometry turbocharger and high volume-cooled exhaust gas recirculation system (EGR).

Engine oil and coolant levels can be checked from the cab of the new ZX890LCH-6 for the convenience of operators. Visibility of the job site is enhanced with the rear-view camera, and the optional OPG (Operator Protective Guards) front guard has fewer and smaller bars to minimise blind spots. The new handrail on the deck and the standard battery disconnect switch improve safety during maintenance.
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Caterpillar’s 980L wheeled loader
Caterpillar's new 980L wheeled loader is said to have up to 25% less fuel consumption than its predecessor, the 980H
Burkhard Janssen, general manager product management & engineering at HCME, says: “Hitachi large excavators have always been market-leading products and the ZX890LCH-6 and ZX690LCH-6 are no exception. They offer a comfortable working environment for operators, and are fast and precise thanks to the efficiency of their hydraulic systems. They deliver low fuel consumption, as well as high productivity, ensuring a profitable return on investment.” Caterpillar says its new Cat 980L medium wheeled loader for Asia, South America, Africa, Middle East, Turkey and the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) applies proven technologies systematically and strategically to meet customers’ high expectations for reliability, productivity, fuel efficiency, and long service life. More powerful and fuel-efficient than its predecessor, the 980H, the 980L features significant drive-train and hydraulic-system refinement, operator safety and convenience enhancements, proven Z-bar linkage, Cat Performance Series buckets, and opti
ons such as automatic traction control, enhanced ride control system, and Cat Connect Technologies.  

The 30tonne class 980L uses a productive and fuel-efficient 303kW Cat C13 ACERT engine. The power-dense engine, offering 5% more power than the engine on the 980H, is said to use a combination of proven electronic, fuel-injection and air-systems.

An extensive range of work tools and bucket styles are available to customise the 980L wheeled loader for customers’ operations. Buckets, such as Performance Series general purpose buckets, heavy duty quarry rock buckets, slag buckets, waste handling buckets or woodchip buckets are available either with pin on or quick coupler interface. The 980L is not only more powerful, but, the company claims, also consumes up to 25% less fuel than the 980H. The model’s power-dense ACERT engine burns less fuel by providing power and torque when needed. The 980L’s innovative powertrain, hydraulic, cooling and electronic systems intelligently lower average working engine speeds and reduce overall system heat loads resulting in significantly improved performance and fuel efficiency. Furthermore, the productive Economy Mode provides maximum fuel savings with minimal productivity impact.

Axles for the 980L feature modifications that reduce parasitic loads and enhance positive lubrication. Available as an option for the new Cat wheeled loader, the automatic traction control system is fully automatic and requires no operator input which improves traction and reduces tyre wear.

Meanwhile, the 980L’s efficient load-sensing hydraulic system features proportional flow for fast, smooth hydraulic response with optimum controllability. The system is designed to deliver more engine power to the wheels at partial hydraulic flow, allowing faster cycle times in load-and-carry and ramp operations, as well as higher rimpull when digging.

An on-demand fan further enhances fuel efficiency and lowers sound levels. In addition, the 980L’s engine-idle-management and the engine-idle-shutdown systems that reduce or stop the engine after a pre-set idling interval, not only save fuel and reduce sound levels, but also reduce hour accumulation, helping extend service intervals and warranty.
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Volvo EC750E crawler excavator
Cementownia Warta's new Volvo EC750E crawler excavator being unveiled in traditional fashion
The 980H’s new operator environment features a four post Roll Over Protection System (ROPS) cab providing unmatched comfort,  visibility and efficiency, it is claimed.  Seat-mounted, electro-hydraulic implement controls and programmable (in-cab) kick-outs provide optimum work-tool control, complemented by automatic cylinder snubbing that protects the machine structures and enhances performance.

The 980H model’s one-piece tilting hood with side and rear access doors provides easy access to daily fluid level checks fuelling points and full engine compartment when required. Electrical and hydraulic service centres provide grouped, ground-level access to such items as S•O•SSM (Scheduled Oil Sampling) ports that facilitate collecting fluid samples at optimum points in a circulating system. The new external caliper disc parking brakes are easily accessible for inspection and service. The updated cooling system is readily accessible for clean out and maintenance; the hydraulic-oil cooler and air-conditioner cores swing out providing easy access to both sides for cleaning.

The 980H can utilise Cat LINK technologies, such as the Product Link system, which helps fleet owners manage equipment utilisation and lower owning and operating costs through the online VisionLink interface, which tracks critical items, such as location, hours, fuel usage, diagnostic codes, and idle time.

Furthermore, Cat PAYLOAD technology, such as the optional Cat Production Measurement system, accurately weighs materials being loaded and hauled to improve productivity, reduce overloading, and track material movement.  

Polish cement company Cementownia Warta, has become the first Eastern European customer to take delivery of the new Volvo EC750E crawler excavator. Officially unveiled at bauma Munich 2016, the 75tonne crawler excavator is noted for its ability to offer a higher capacity in any application, thanks to what Volvo CE describe as its perfect combination of power and stability.

Based in Pajczno County, Poland, Cementownia Warta produces cement for road construction, airports and hydraulic structures, such as dams and water power stations. Its machines are required to work long hours while maintaining efficiency, meaning operator comfort and extended uptime are key requirements. It was for these reasons, the company says, that the Volvo EC750E was the perfect fit.

The EC750E offers innovative electro-hydraulic technology, optimised to operate in harmony with the robust engine, said to deliver greater operator control and productivity.

The model’s Volvo cab is said to deliver a superior operator experience with a low-noise environment for optimum operator productivity. Ergonomically positioned interfaces – including the joysticks, keypad and LCD monitor – and clear all-around visibility ensure maximum efficiency and ease of use. The spacious cab features ample storage and leg room, 12 air-conditioner vents and an adjustable seat, allowing the operator to remain fresh, alert and focused.

“The decision to choose a Volvo machine was an obvious and natural choice for us,” says Sławomir Goszczak, transport and machinery manager at Warta. “We bought our first Volvo unit in 2008 – an L120F wheeled loader – and have since gone on to own a whole fleet of its machines, culminating in our most recent purchase: the EC750E.”

In addition to the new excavator, Warta owns three other Volvo crawler excavators (two EC700C units and one EC290C), four Volvo wheeled loaders (L350F, L220F, L120F, L120G) 11 articulated haulers (A40Es and A40Gs) and one Volvo backhoe loader BL71.

“With each subsequent purchase and each year of cooperation, we have become more and more certain that Volvo is the best choice,” Goszczak continues. “Volvo offers excellent advice before the purchase, timely delivery, excellent warranty service and, above all, very high reliability of the machines.”

The new Volvo EX750E machine is being used to load the company’s A40 haulers in the Warta limestone quarry.

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