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New wheeled loaders and excavators are creating a lively loading sector in H1 2017

First publishedin Aggregates Business Europe & International
May June 2017
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PC700LC-11 hydraulic excavator
Komatsu Europe International's new PC700LC-11 hydraulic excavator offers up to 6% more fuel efficiency than its predecessor
An impressive range of new wheeled loaders from a major global manufacturer is among key launches making the first half of 2017 an eye-catching period in the quarry and construction loading model market. Guy Woodford reports.

CASE Construction Equipment (CASE) has launched its seven-model G-Series range of wheeled loaders, said to deliver new levels of operator comfort alongside proven CASE productivity and fuel efficiency.

Comprising the 521G, 621G, 721G, 821G, 921G, 1021G and 1121G models, the G-Series wheeled loaders range in operating weight from 12.2tonnes-30tonnes, and in bucket payload from 4.9tonnes to 10.2tonnes.

“Next year will mark the 60th anniversary of CASE Construction Equipment wheeled loaders,” said Alain de Nanteuil, CASE EMEA wheeled loader product manager. “Through the years every generation has introduced new innovations and capabilities and this all-new G-Series generation of CASE Construction Equipment wheeled loaders is the biggest leap forwards.”

The CASE G-Series cab is said to take comfort and visibility to a new height, delivering a host of improvements. This includes a full width panoramic windscreen, a colourful premium control interface with 8 inch display, fully adjustable seat-mounted control console, the security of a password-protected ignition and the ease of automatic bucket functions adjustable from within the cab. The operator also benefits from smooth, low effort loader controls, an active suspension seat and the machine features hands-free mobile phone connectivity. Building upon the popular CASE F-Series cab, which already boasted a best-in-class windscreen size, the G-Series loaders have a one-piece curved front screen that provides an unparalleled view from side to side, from the ground to the sky. Along with a slim engine cover, heated rear window and multiple rear view mirrors, the G-Series wheeled loaders deliver a level of front and rear visibility that has never been seen before.

In-cab noise levels are a full 2dB lower than the previous generation of machines. The 521G to 821G loaders boast just 68dB in the cab, while the 921G to 1121G have noise levels set at just 69dB, the lowest internal levels yet seen on a CASE loader. The cabs benefit from improved primary and recirculation air filtration, with longer filter replacement intervals. High effectiveness and active carbon filters can also be supplied for tough working conditions.

The operator control interface in the G-Series wheeled loader cab is easy to use, contributing to improved controllability and productivity. A bright, full colour 8 inch display is easy to read regardless of external light conditions, delivering intuitive navigation through machine settings and information screens. The display also provides a wide view rear monitor when required.

There is a new control pad for automatic bucket functions to be set and adjusted from within the cab. The seat-mounted console is fully adjustable and features a wide armrest and ergonomic joystick that, combined with electro-hydraulic controls and the redesigned premium active suspension seat, delivers accurate control in all working conditions.

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CASE G-Series loaders
CASE G-Series loaders have a one-piece curved front screen said to provide a peerless view from side to side
A joystick steering option provides two equally-sized joysticks with wide armrests on both sides of the seat, like CASE Construction Equipment excavators. Joystick steering features speed proportional sensitivity with three settings that allow the operator to perfectly match the machine to every operation and jobsite requirement.

New features include an integrated microphone that, combined with a Bluetooth connection and automatic answering function, allows operators to answer phone calls safely without taking their eyes off the working area or their hands off the controls. Operators will also welcome the convenience of multiple storage areas for documents and personal effects and a fridge box option that can keep food and drinks fresh and cool all day.

All G-Series wheeled loaders are powered by efficient EU Stage IV/Tier 4 Final diesel engines with no diesel particulate filter (DPF) or exhaust gas recirculation (EGR). FPT Industrial’s Hi-eSCR aftertreatment system uses fewer components to meet exhaust emissions standards, allowing for a compact engine compartment and reduced maintenance costs for customers. All major components are sourced from and the machines are assembled in Europe.

The proven cooling cube, which puts the machine’s radiators and coolers in the middle of the machine rather than at the rear, ensures that cooling cores are kept out of dusty working areas to provide maximum cooling effectiveness. Optimised weight distribution contributes to increased payload capability and machine stability.

The G Series machines drive through proven CASE transmissions that offer improved fuel efficiency and reduced cycle times. CASE heavy duty axles with wet, multi-disc brakes, have open differentials to reduce friction, with an optional 100% auto-lock to deliver maximum tractive effort and reduced tyre wear.

The G-Series loaders also feature the new CASE Construction Equipment livery, present in all product ranges, said to reinforce the core values of the brand.

Komatsu Europe International has unveiled the PC700LC‐11 hydraulic excavator. With an operating weight between 67.5‐69.5tonnes, the PC700LC‐11 is EU Stage IV emissions compliant and maintains the powerful productivity and transportability of the previous model, while improving fuel efficiency by up to 6%.

The latest KOMTRAX telematics, and the Komatsu Care maintenance programme, offer top fleet management and support, while protecting the machine against misuse and guaranteeing maximum efficiency and uptime.

Vince Porteous, product manager at Komatsu Europe, states: “The PC700LC‐11 was designed and manufactured by Komatsu specifically for hard and highly demanding applications such as mining, quarries and mass earth excavation.

“Komatsu’s commitment to reduce operational costs through outstanding fuel efficiency, high productivity and reliable performance, has already been well-received by the European market.

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CASE’s 1021G wheeled loader
CASE's 1021G wheeled loader is ideal for quarrying applications and one of seven new G-Series models
The PC700LC‐11 offers outstanding fuel consumption. Its Komatsu‐designed aftertreatment system is the best on the market and customers also benefit from low AdBlue consumption. We have created not just an exceptional primary mover, but a workstation with incorporated operator safety and comfort”.

Standard features of the new PC700LC‐11 include its 327kW Komatsu SAA6D140E‐7 engine. EU Stage IV emission regulations for NOx emissions are met with the use of an integrated Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) system using AdBlue.

The PC700LC-11 has a variable geometry turbocharger (VGT) and an exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve for more precise temperature and air management control, as well as longer component life.

The new Komatsu excavator has a highly efficient hydraulic system. All major components, including the engine, hydraulic pumps, motors and valves are exclusively designed and produced by Komatsu. The model’s Komatsu open centre load sensing hydraulic system features three working modes to match performance in a wide variety of applications.

The ISO certified cab of the PC700LC-11 is said to offer operators a comfortable, quiet work environment to help them maximise productivity. The cab is mounted on viscous isolation dampers for low vibration level. It also has an enhanced, high‐resolution, seven inch LCD colour monitor which can display information in 33 languages. From the cab, the operator can select up to three working modes to match machine performance to the application. The new in-cab monitor panel combines vehicle information with a wide, landscape view from the standard side and rear view cameras. Komatsu’s KomVison is optional and provides the operator with a bird’s eye view of the surrounding working environment.

For convenient maintenance and serviceability, the PC700LC-11 has handrails on both sides of the excavator’s upper structure for easier access. A large, easy‐to‐reach, 62litre refill capacity AdBlue tank, in a lockable compartment, provides 3:1 diesel‐to‐AdBlue refill ratio.

The model’s hydraulically‐driven fan can be manually reversed to simplify cleaning the cooling assembly, and the radiator and hydraulic oil coolers are mounted side by side for easy access. The exclusive Komatsu EMMS (Equipment Management Monitoring System) continuously monitors all critical systems, enables preventative maintenance, and provides troubleshooting assistance to minimise diagnosis and repair time.

Manfred Boer KG (Manfred Boer), based in Münster, Germany, has expanded its fleet of machines with the purchase of two new Doosan DL420-5 wheeled loaders, which are in use in the company’s sand and gravel quarry in Dorsten.

The sand/gravel quarry lies hidden in the dense forest around Dorsten. Driving from the Manfred Boer office by the main road, the sand pit is located 2km into the forest, along a narrow unpaved road. Here five wheeled loaders, two trucks, two screening plants and a crusher work together approximately 10 hours a day, extracting high quality sand and gravel products.

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Doosan DL420-5 wheeled loaders
Manfred Boer KG has purchased two new Doosan DL420-5 wheeled loaders to work in the company's sand and gravel quarry in Dorsten, Germany
The new Doosan wheeled loaders are the first Doosan branded machines to be put into operation by Manfred Boer.  

René Boer, head of the Dorsten facility, said: “When it came to the purchase of the new wheeled loaders, one of our staff mentioned his very good experiences with Doosan machines and that we should look at the Doosan range anyway. Therefore, we spoke with Max Gutmann of Kraemer, the Doosan dealer based in Delbrück, and he provided a demonstration machine to test out in the quarry. The performance of that DL420-5 was very convincing, so we ordered two new Doosan DL420-5 machines in exactly the same configuration as the test machine.”

René Boer added: “The cooperation offered by Kraemer right from the outset was excellent and continued during the machine testing as well as in the subsequent order and delivery of the new machines – every promise that was made was kept. And just as important, the chemistry between our companies was the best right from the very beginning.”

During the test period, each of the five wheeled loader drivers at Manfred Boer worked intensively with the demonstration machine for several days each. The results were summarised in writing by the drivers and they evaluated the machine together.  As a result of this, they unanimously agreed that the DL420-5 was exactly the right machine for use in the quarry, so at the same time the test machine was returned, the company immediately ordered two new DL420-5 wheeled loaders from Kraemer.

In common with the rest of the company’s new high performance ‘DL-5’ generation Stage IV compliant wheeled loaders, the DL420-5 model is said to provide a leap forward in wheeled loader design as represented by the new external styling of the machines, combined with increased productivity and fuel economy, with features such as a new high comfort cab, a powerful Scania Stage IV engine, smooth and responsive hydraulics, a ZF powertrain, axle cooling and auxiliary hydraulic connections.  

On the DL420-5 and the larger DL-5 models, the engine’s Auto Idle system when activated saves on fuel costs by lowering the idle level from 950 to 750rpm – when the operator does not give any input to the steering wheel, arm and bucket for more than 10 seconds (ideal for applications where there is a lot of waiting time such as truck loading).  

With a bucket capacity of 4.5m³, the DL420-5 is powered by the Scania DC13 6-cylinder engine producing 254kW of power at 1800rpm. Providing generous torque at low rpm, up to a 10% reduction in fuel consumption and excellent response, the Scania engine meets Stage IV emission regulations without the need of a diesel particulate filter (DPF), through the use of cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and selective catalyst reduction (SCR) after-treatment technologies.

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