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Safe and productive ADT hauling

First publishedin Aggregates Business Europe & International
January February 2015
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Doosan DA40 ADT
The DA40 ADT from Doosan is the firm's best-selling ADT model in Asia, Africa and the Middle East
Safety, productivity and reducing the overall cost of ownership are key factors in any new hauler purchase, as Guy Woodford reports.

South Korean-headquartered Doosan is firmly established among the leading global players in the hauling sector – with ambitious growth plans.

Mats Haukebo, Doosan’s ADT global product manager, recently talked to Aggregates Business Europe and Aggregates Business International about the firm’s ADT range.

“In this global market, Doosan works relentlessly to understand the needs of the different markets. Many details are different, but the main items are the same: Safety, productivity and total cost of ownership. Customers want to make money while minimising the risk for their people and their business,” explains Haukebo.

The main features of the Doosan ADT can be summarised, says Haukebo, in the 3 T’s: Tandem, Transmission and Turning Ring.

“Doosan ADTs signature features the tandem bogie which provides unique traction and stability for the purpose ADT’s were developed for: extreme off-road conditions. The ZF EP transmission series is specially developed for ADT. It features eight forward and four reverse gears, giving it the improved gear shift quality to our customers together with proven reliability and durability. The forward mounted turning ring provides optimal weight distribution, stability and traction for our customers.”

Haukebo says safety is the number one priority for Doosan, adding that the firm “will not compromise” on it. “Accidents happen, but we as a manufacturer will do anything we can to avoid this for our customers,” he stresses.

The stability of the Doosan ADT is, says Haukebo, second to none: due to the forward mounted turning ring the front wagon will not flip over even if it is lifted off the ground. The Doosan ADT is the only ADT, claims Haukebo, which can tip while in an articulated position, without compromising stability.
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Doosan’s DA30 ADT truck
Mats Haukebo, Doosan's ADT global product manager, says the South Korean firm's ADT range is designed around safety, productivity and total cost of ownership. Pictured is a DA30 truck
Of productivity offered by Doosan ADTs, Haukebo with admiration describes the 40tonne Doosan DA40 as a “monster”. He continues: “The unique combination of our tandem and traction enables our customers to move dirt from and to places no other machine can go. As the machine is still competitive in normal applications, the unique features of the Doosan ADT design in the heaviest of applications like muddy, sloppy condition, big boulders and extremely rough terrain, are no match for the Doosan ADT. Visiting worksites around the world with mixed fleets, we normally see our machines taking the toughest jobs, often assigned to where no other ADT can go.”

Haukebo says the Doosan ADT, together with the heavy line-up from Doosan (excavators up to 70tonnes and wheeled loaders up to the firms largest DL550 model with 5.4m³ bucket) have overall low operation and maintenance cost. He describes Doosan ADTs as having a very spacious cab, with excellent visibility, to “give our operators the necessary comfort in a low noise environment”.

On fuel economy, Haukebo says the Doosan ADTs Scania DC9/DC13 engine has competitive fuel economy, with the “decades of cooperation” between Doosan ADT (formerly Moxy) and Scania having proven to be a “strong combination”.

He adds: “The purpose of the Doosan ADT is to make hard work easy for our customers. The unique off-road capabilities of the Doosan ADT concept, the mix of productivity and extreme off-roading make it the choice product for our customers.”

Doosan’s ADT line-up currently has two platforms: the DA30 and DA40. Through the firm’s acquisition phase and transition from the MT (Moxy Trucks) series to the DA series (Doosan Articulated), Haukebo says the decision was made to reduce Doosan’s line-up from four to two models, eliminating the MT26 and MT36. The DA30 (28 short ton) and the DA40 (44 short ton) covers the global market.

For Doosan’s customers in Asia, Africa and Middle East, Haukebo says the main seller is the DA40, mostly in the mining segment. “This machine loads 40 tonnes and has 493 horsepower, and can go anywhere,” he says, adding: “Basically, the DA40 is a beast, perfectly developed for emerging markets. The Scania T2 engine with its impressive performance combined with its high reliability and durability makes it a huge hit with the customers in the different regions.”
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Terex ADT Truck TA400
The 38tonne payload Terex Trucks TA400 was a crowd pleaser at Mining Myanmar 2014
Summing up the Doosan ADT offer, Haukebo says: “The Doosan ADT has an excellent value proposition for the world’s markets. We can expect to see more orange machines in the future.”

Terex Trucks recently exhibited for the first time in Myanmar at Mining Myanmar 2014, the international trade exhibition for Mining and Minerals Recovery.

After decades of self-imposed isolation from the wider world, Myanmar has opened up to investment and development in recent years and the mineral-rich country is now prime territory for the discovery of new and high quality deposits. This presents an equally valuable opportunity for equipment manufacturers to help extract the jade, gems, oil and natural gas that is so abundant in the country. Terex Trucks first entered the market in August 2013 with the appointment of Aung Hein Min Co. Ltd. (AHM Heavy) as a distributor in the region.

Attracting crowds at Mining Myanmar 2014 was a 38tonne Terex Trucks TA400 articulated hauler. Said by Terex Trucks to be a class-leader in productivity, the TA400 includes a high performance 331kW engine, said to provide excellent productivity and fuel efficiency, as well as a proven and robust complete drivetrain. These qualities allow the TA400 to excel even in the toughest sites which is particularly beneficial in Myanmar, a tropical and often extremely wet nation.

Terex Trucks also featured in the International Mining Myanmar Conference, the only conference of its kind, allowing Terex Trucks to convey how the brand is now stronger as part of Volvo Construction Equipment.

Tillicoultry Quarries has purchased the latest Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) G series A30 articulated hauler for its Northfield Quarry located on the outskirts of Denny, near Falkirk, Scotland.

The new 30tonne articulated hauler has been supplied complete with full cantilever tailgate and side extensions and follows a long-standing tradition of operating Volvo CE loading shovels and haulers at all of the company’s quarrying facilities. Its main duties are transferring stone and secondary products from the Northfield quarry’s bins to stocking areas located around the facility. The addition of the new hauler to the fleet is due to the recent expansion and acquisitions in the central belt locality by Tillicoultry Quarries, says the firm’s Managing Director Wallace Menzies.
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Volvo A30G ADT at Tillicoultry Quarries’ Northfield Quarry
The Volvo A30G's main duties at Tillicoultry Quarries' Northfield Quarry site are transferring stone and secondary products from the quarry's bins to stocking areas
The A30G hauler from Volvo CE meets the requirements of Stage IV final emissions legislation being powered by an electronically controlled, six cylinder 264kW turbocharged Volvo V-ACT diesel engine. This features high torque at low engine speeds, resulting in good fuel efficiency, high performance, quicker engine response and less wear. Purpose built by Volvo CE, the engine is designed to exactly match the Volvo drive train, ensuring the best use of power and torque, even in tough working conditions. Delivering exceptional fuel efficiency, it is matched to a torque converter with built in lock-up function and fitted with a fully automatic fast adaptive transmission. The rest of the Volvo designed and built powertrain has been reinforced to cope with the higher torque output of the engine.

With a carrying capacity of 28tonnes and heaped capacity of 17.5m³, the Volvo A30G has a maximum speed of 53kph. The hauler is also fitted with CareTrack as standard, which is Volvo CE’s telematics system that enables remote monitoring of a wide range of machine functions (e.g. location, fuel consumption, service reminders etc.) thus optimising customer operations.

Tillicoultry Quarries Ltd was established in 1930 by R.W. Menzies at Craigfoot Quarry Tillicoultry, and remains 100% owned by the Menzies family. The company produces a wide range of construction materials incorporating a full range of aggregates, asphalts and ready mixed concrete. It has 11 operating units located throughout the Central Belt of Scotland, enabling efficient delivery of high quality products to all its customers.

Integrated within its quarrying operations are five coating plants and three concrete plants which are, says the firm, capable of producing materials to the highest specification required for large volume motorway construction through to small volume private works.

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