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SDLG LG952H cementing efficiency and productivity for An Phuc

First publishedin Aggregates Business International
March April 2016
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SDLG LG952H in Hanoi, Vietnam
An SDLG LG952H working onsite at An Phuc concrete production facility in Hanoi, Vietnam
An Phuc Manufacturing and Commercial is a small construction materials producer in Hanoi, Vietnam, that supplies ready mixed concrete to construction contractors. Established three years ago, the company has boosted production levels and revenues with two SDLG LG952H wheeled loaders taking charge of its vital material handling operations.

The LG952H is said to offer enhanced bucket loading capacity and high torque, making it ideal for loading duties on a ready mixed concrete production site.

Although best known for its natural scenery and rich cultural heritage, Vietnam is also a leading global producer of construction materials. It is currently the world’s seventh largest cement producer, with most of this consumed domestically. Thanks to increasing foreign investment in the country’s real estate sector, and strong government support for infrastructure development, demand for ready-mixed concrete is on the rise. An Phuc is one of the local companies benefiting from this increase in construction activity and the three-year-old company has already reached annual revenues of US$280 million.

“For a small business like ours, low overheads and minimal downtime are essential to ensure a profitable and sustainable business,” says Nguyen Van Luc, owner of the An Phuc cement plant. To illustrate how fast the Vietnamese market can change, Van Luc explains that over half of the company’s 500,000m³ production for this year will be allocated to a single customer – a real estate developer that requires 300,000m³/year. To add to the challenge, the customer needed the full amount delivered over a three-month period. Market demands such as these have forced An Phuc to re-evaluate its production operations and, in particular, its material handling capabilities. After assessing the price and productivity of several options, the company opted to invest in two new SDLG LG952H wheeled loaders to support its growing business.

From its base in Hanoi, An Phuc produces ready mixed concrete from quarry aggregates at its onsite plant.

Here, 1,000tonnes of gravel and sand are transported every day from the nearby River Hong to the plant, over 50m away. Once the aggregates are dumped at the plant, the two SDLG LG952Hs then load and transport the aggregates 20m from the dumping site to the mixing plant. The 5tonne-rated LG952H features a 150kW Weichai engine and delivers optimum breakout force, ensuring a full bucket every cycle for better productivity and efficiency. The machine’s long wheelbase and high tipping load mean it remains stable even on rough terrain, while the machine’s components are designed to endure the heavy-duty wear and tear of the job site.
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SDLG LG952H wheeled loader
The SDLG LG952H offers enhanced bucket loading capacity and high torque, making it ideal for loading duties on a ready-mixed concrete production site
Vietnam has a warm and humid climate, which can make equipment operation uncomfortable – especially during the dry season between May and September. This makes the air-conditioned cab on the SDLG machine much appreciated: “The machines’ cab has built-in climate control that helps reduce fatigue for our operators, especially in extreme weather conditions,” says Pham Van Quyen, operations manager at the site. “This ultimately keeps our operations moving more efficiently.

“Since we purchased the SDLG wheeled loaders, our productivity has increased by 40% compared with our previous solution,” he continues. “The machines are now an indispensable component in our efficient management system, helping us hit our targets on time and on budget.” On average the machines work 40 hours/week, transporting 1,680m³ of aggregates/day.

An Phuc purchased the machines from Cong TY TNHH Hoang Giai (Hoang Giai), an authorised SDLG dealer, headquartered in Hanoi. Being located just 15km from the An Phuc site means that Hoang Giai can deliver parts and technical support within the hour. And the machines come with a 2,000 hour warranty.

“It puts my mind at rest to know that Hoang Giai can deliver support so quickly – it means that if something does go wrong there will be minimal downtime. On-time delivery for parts and service is essential for our business’s survival. With a strong partner like Hoang Giai, we are certain we can achieve even more growth in the coming years,” said Nguyen Van Luc.

Since partnering with Hoang Giai, SDLG has grown significantly in Vietnam, with numerous cement and ready-mixed concrete plants purchasing machines.

To support SDLG’s growing customer base in Vietnam and the wider South East Asia market, the brand opened a new parts supply depot in Singapore last year. “South East Asia is an important market for SDLG and having spare parts as close by as possible is very important for our customers,” says Anthony Neo, director of SDLG sales support in the region.

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