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17 April 2019

CASE unveils its biomethane wheeled loader concept at bauma 2019

First published17/04/2019
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Case's Project Tetra: move over for methane when it comes to alternative fuels
CASE is showing off its novel ProjectTETRA biomethane-powered wheeled loader concept capable of being powered by a range of local and sustainable energy sources.

The engine of the concept model, not a production machine, uses biomethane derived from waste sources. This can be a mixture of domestic organic waste, waste food from industrial food production, restaurants and canteens as well as from waste biomass products such as wood chippings, animal waste and specifically-grown energy crops.

The CASE concept uses an FPT Industrial methane engine which features stoichiometric combustion technology specifically developed for construction applications. It delivers maximum power of nearly 170kW, identical to the equivalent diesel powerplant. This is achieved with a 50% reduction in drive-by noise levels, which CASE says makes it ideal for municipal applications and when working in close proximity to offices and residential areas.

It produces 95% less CO2 produced when running on biomethane, 90% less nitrogen dioxides and 99% lower particular matter than a diesel-powered equivalent, delivering an 80% reduction in overall emissions, according to CASE.

CASE also said that it worked with Michelin’s tyre design teams to develop a prototype airless tyre. This cutting-edge design foresees a fusion of the tyre/wheel combination and features inbuilt suspension. The pure rubber and composite material construction enables the tyre to withstand extreme construction site conditions “and could be considered indestructible”, noted CASE.

The concept model can complete the full range of tasks that a standard diesel-powered wheeled loader would undertake.

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