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23 June 2014

Caterpillar demonstrates the Hydrex BH40 articulated block handler

First published20/06/2014
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Hydex BH40 articulated block handler
The new Hydex BH40 articulated block handler in action in a Carrara, Italy, quarry
Caterpillar has given dealers and customers a first glimpse of the new Hydex BH40 articulated block handler.

Appearing at a demonstration at the Caterpillar Block Handling Days at a Carrara marble quarry, near Pisa in Italy, the machine is specifically designed to transport mining blocks around the site easily and safely.

Articulated Truck Solutions LLP offers a range of Hydex products and provides Caterpillar dealers worldwide with access to industry-specific articulated truck products.

Built around the Cat 740B ADT chassis, the BH40 enables operators to carry out single or multiple blocks with a maximum payload of 42tonnes, “thus maximising productivity.”

By integrating into the main Cat hoist circuit, operating the main hoist lever in the cab causes the two central block supports to open and close simultaneously through the use of four Caterpillar hydraulic cylinders to ensure an easy, steady movement.

“These cylinders are located safely within the machine frame to help prevent damage from the blocks. The system enables operators to carry single or multiple smaller blocks yet still maintain optimum support when a single larger block is carried,” says Articulated Truck Solutions.

Both sets of supports move in unison to ensure that the centre of the load is correctly positioned over the centre and rear axles, and a fixed frame option is also available for sites where block size is more consistent.

Optional payload monitoring enables the operator to view very accurately how the truck is loaded to prevent overload and potential machine damage.

“With the use of the weight measurement system it is very simple to use the machine to carry multiple, similarly sized blocks without overloading the machine.”

Each support beam is fitted with two 3M long wooden beams (often easily replaceable railway sleepers) which help to prevent movement of the block in transport.

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