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03 October 2012

Caterpillar develops new Unit Rig

First published02/10/2012
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Caterpillar Unit Rig
Caterpillar's new MT5300D AC 290tonne-capacity large mining truck
As part of the ongoing investment in the Unit Rig products acquired through the acquisition of Bucyrus International, Caterpillar has unveiled the new MT5300D AC 290-tonne-capacity mining truck, which integrates a Cat C175-16 engine and Cat 360T AC electric drive system.

The MT5300D AC takes its place in Caterpillar’s large mining truck product line between the 227tonne-capacity 793F and the 327tonne-capacity 795F AC.

“The new truck builds on Unit Rig’s 50 years of electric-drive mining truck experience and the thousands of units currently working in mines around the world. The strength of the Cat engine and drive system combine with Cat dealer support and Unit Rig designs to deliver high performance and efficiency to mining customers. The MT5300D will be commercially available in the near future,” says Caterpillar.   

“The MT5300D AC leverages Unit Rig’s millions of hours of field experience with the MT Series truck chassis, hydraulics, electrical system and suspension and integrates those systems with a proven Cat engine, AC drive and vehicle information management system.”

The state-of-the-art Cat AC electric drive train has logged hundreds of thousands of hours in the lab and field, most notably in the 795F AC. The electric drive truck programme also leverages Electro-Motive Diesel’s (EMD) locomotive experience in design and manufacturing. EMD is a Caterpillar company.

“The ROPS cab, wide access stairways, traction control, and quiet radial retarder grid with wide right-side visibility enhance safety and further benefit the operator. Simple hydraulic systems, modular components, hydraulic gauge cabinet, grouped service locations, engine bay service walkways and more ground accessible maintenance points translate into less downtime and enhance safety for maintenance technicians,” says Caterpillar.

The large mining truck is currently being tested at the Caterpillar proving grounds in Arizona, USA.

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