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24 May 2019

Doosan launches machine guidance kits for excavators

First published24/05/2019
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Doosan says there is increasing demand for machine guidance kits for its excavators

Doosan is introducing new ready kits for its 14-30 tonne range of wheeled and crawler excavators to meet what it says is the increasing demand for machine guidance systems from its excavator customers.

The kits can be ordered direct from the company’s factory through Doosan Smart Solutions for use with Leica, Trimble and Xsite 2D and 3D machine guidance systems. Doosan says its ready kits can differ according to the model and the region concerned.

The company adds that its collaboration with the three machine guidance system manufacturers means that customers in Europe are can now order excavators pre-installed with Leica, Trimble and Xsite ready kits.

The kits include all the components required to make sure a machine is ready for the installation of a guidance system at a later date, and Doosan says they require very little or no welding, re-painting, drilling or disassembly.

The kits are fitted on customer machines in the Doosan Customisation Centre in the Netherlands.

"The ready kit option gives a customer flexibility as they are not obliged to install the complete 2D/3D system immediately," Doosan states. "The customer’s excavator will have the main brackets, wires and sensors installed in readiness for the rest of the 2D/3D system to be added at a later date."

The machine guidance systems give operators access to design surfaces, grades and alignments on a display inside the excavator cab. The systems use GNSS, GPS, laser, sonic or total station technology to accurately position the blade or bucket in real time, which is designed to significantly reduce material overages and improve the contractor's productivity and efficiency.

Depending on the system in place, the site plan and grade information can be displayed in the cab, so operators can finish jobs faster with minimal supervision, obtaining higher precision finishing with a reduced number of passes. 

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