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05 May 2015

EBTM wins major marketing contract with Trimble Geospatial

First published29/04/2015
Elaine Ball Technical Marketing (EBTM), a leading consultancy in technical marketing for the geospatial, mining and offshore industries globally, has won a major contract with Trimble Geospatial, Westminster, Colorado, USA.

EBTM will be delivering strategic and marketing workshops to Trimble’s global dealer network on behalf of Trimble’s Geospatial division. The workshops involve reviewing strategic roads maps of dealers, current marketing strategy, what works and what does not and leaving them with key tasks to implement to help them strengthen their marketing efforts of Trimble related products.  

During 2014, EBTM carried out a pilot programme with Trimble, assessing three key dealers within Belgium, UK and South Africa.

“Elaine recently held a strategy day for us, and what really differentiated it from other similar days we've done was her comprehensive industry knowledge and relevant professional experience. That really helped her credibility and encouraged openness from all participants resulting in plenty of sound ideas which will be developed and implemented,” says Oliver Brooks, managing director at KOREC UK.

Elaine Ball says: “This is an amazing opportunity with Trimble.  So many companies get lost in the product or service offering, we help develop skills in-house making the businesses self-sufficient, the Trimble contract is no exception”

Chris Gibson, sector vice president for Trimble says: “Trimble’s distribution network is one of our strongest assets, and our decision to award EBTM this contract was a result of the success we had with the 2014 pilot programme that EBTM carried out with three of our distributors in Belgium, UK and South Africa. We are confident EBTM will continue to provide strong marketing tools and training for our distribution, and look forward to extending this success throughout our entire distribution network.”

The overall aim is to improve marketing throughout Trimble and enhance the company’s profits globally. 

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