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07 September 2017

NLMK Europe shows its metal

First published05/09/2017
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NLMK Bernard Robins
NLMK Europe's Bernard Robins with a display of steel plate at steinexpo 2017

NLMK Europe, which has just launched its Quard 550 steel plate, says it is negotiating with new companies to become a supplier of its products.

The company’s Quard 550, another grade in its abrasion-resistant steel family, is available in a thickness range between 6-20mm, and the Quard range can now be produced in thicknesses of between 3.2-60mm.

The product is available to the market through NLMK’s expanding network of offices and official dealers around the world, and since its commercialisation Quard 550 has been used by many companies in the mining and the quarrying industries, where its uses include liners in haul truck bodies, for example. In buckets, Quard 550 is found in shrouds and cutting edges, its stable form preventing distortion and other steel transformation.

“Our steel is very easy to work with. Some products have thin walls and we can do these,” says Bernard Robins, NLMK marketing manager.

“Workability is what we are trying to show. Our steel is springback and this makes it easier to get the correct angles on products.

“We have arrived at a level where you can mention Quard and people know what it is. There are many companies here [at steinexpo 2017] who have seen our products and we are negotiating with some to become a supplier.”

The Research & Development department of NLMK Clabecq, where Quard is produced, work at widening the range, and hope to propose soon Quard 550 from 4-60mm.

The company also offers its Quard with nominal hardnesses of 400, 450 and 500HB.

As it benefits from slabs coming from its mother company, made with equipment using the most modern steel-making technology, it can produce on specific request, steel plates with very high toughness at -40°C.

NLMK says this results in steel plates with a high workability, improving the efficiency of operations, and offering accurate cutting, easy welding, in the workshop and in the field.

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