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04 April 2017

Organisers give the 10th steinexpo a lift

First published04/04/2017
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steinexpo exhibition
New exhibition trailer online: steinexpo means “experiencing gigantic machines and plants demonstrating practical operations.” (Screenshot: Geoplan)
Oragnisers of the 10th steinexpo are planning to install two powerful elevators to help speed up the time taken to get around the event.

Geoplans says that with an estimated 45,000-plus visitors to the quarry demonstration exhibition from 30 August, 2017 for four days in the MHI  quarry in Nieder-Ofleiden in rural Hessen, Germany, experts from the national and international raw and building material industry will experience an impressive tour de force.

Physically setting up the trade fair will take weeks, and this time special attention is paid to comfort in the quarry during the steinexpo exhibition.

“Optimally, synchronised visitor flow in time with the announced live shows is well catered for,” says Geoplan.

“Whereas previously only shuttle buses were available for longer walking distances from the one rock face to the next, two powerful elevators between areas B/C and C/D will be installed from mid-August this year.

“This will especially please visitors who are in a hurry and following a hectic schedule, because the growing number of visitors are increasingly slowing the shuttles as internal exhibition transport down to walking pace. The transport speed on level ground at this the 10th steinexpo is expected to be similar, but to compensate for this lack of speed, the vertical levels between the exhibition areas can be reached quickly by lift.”

Construction of the first spectators’ stand planned by the organisers will also start mid-August. The 250 seats will provide an excellent view with stadium effect of the moderated joint demonstrations by various construction machinery brands in area A.

“However, while coordinating the construction work from mid-August, the steinexpo organisers will by no means the first to share the quarry space with the MHI operating team. Coordinated by the experienced planning team at TU Clausthal, some exhibitors will already deliver various large machinery and equipment, which must be installed on site for exhibition, from early August,” says Geoplan.

“Systematic planning is crucial at this consistently growing trade fair.

“Over the years, the steinexpo has also become known for offering additional attractions with great user value during the fair that go beyond the core programme. This time, the Professional Association of Raw Materials and Chemical Industry (BG RCI), in cooperation with the German Road Safety Council and Volkswagen, will run SUV driving safety training sessions on demo area D, which gives all interested parties an opportunity to test their skills.”

In another first, Geoplan now also offers an online ticket system, allowing visitors to buy their tickets from May 2017. Tickets booked via www.steinexpo.de cost €21 for admission for the duration of the show, while the same ticket will cost €25 at the ticket office.

Every steinexpo is different, and the ongoing mining activities in the MHI Nieder-Ofleiden quarry constantly require new planning.

The current layout envisages the following general division of exhibition areas:

Area A: Moderated joint demonstrations by various construction equipment brands.

Area B: Statische Standflächen der Baumaschinen-hersteller und Zulieferer (static stands of construction machinery manufacturers and suppliers).

Area C: Processing technology and integrated large pavilions of indoor exhibitors.

Area D: Individual presentation areas for construction equipment and SUV safety training.

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