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12 December 2015

RDS unveils iSOSYNC PC software to ensure quarry loadout control

First published15/12/2015
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RDS Technology iSOSYNC PC software
RDS Technology says its iSOSYNC PC software effectively controls quarry loadout
RDS Technology’s new iSOSYNC PC software is said to enable control of the quarry loadout operation, while also offering inventory, productivity and traceability management.

The software can be used with either LOADMASTER a100 or LOADEX 100 and allows the rapid transfer of job information from a central computer to the loader or excavator, with the resultant load information sent back to the PC upon completion.

The system can be one- or two-way and is designed to operate fully automatically and without changing the loading routine for the mobile operator.

Job instructions are sent direct to the loader operator. After each vehicle is loaded and the ‘Clear’ button pressed to reset the instrument, the loading record is transmitted back to the central computer and can be logged into the load management software.

iSOSYNC can be remotely accessed utilising standard query language (SQL), acting as a bridge module between the onboard weighing system and a customer’s existing load management software package.

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