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13 June 2019

Robust SDLG LG936L wheeled loader enhances operations at Indonesian stone crushing plant

First published13/06/2019
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Two SDLG LG936L wheeled loaders are said to be delivering efficient and reliable performance at a plant in Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Two “reliable” and “cost-effective” SDLG LG936L wheeled loaders are hard at work moving materials at a stone crushing plant in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. PT Amerta Giri Lestari selected the two loaders due to their reliability and ease of operation, vital attributes in an area with challenging weather.

“One of the biggest challenges of working at this plant is the unpredictable weather conditions and the material’s location, which are high and difficult to reach,” said Aris Muranto, site manager at PT Amerta Giri Lestari’s stone crushing plant in Yogyakarta. “Thanks to the robustness of the SDLG wheeled loaders, which have a dumping height of 2,950mm, they have greatly enhanced operations and helped us with cost savings due to its fuel efficiency.”

Purchased in 2017, the LG936L wheeled loaders work an average of 11 hours daily, moving up to 320m³ of aggregates and stone ashes/day. As SDLG’s top-selling wheel loader for several years, the 3 tonne-rated LG936L has a maximum breakout force of 96kN and is widely-used on farms, timber plants, town construction and other small projects. It has a bucket capacity of 1.8m³, a maximum dumping height of 2,950mm and a maximum dumping distance of 1,050mm. The access panels on the machine’s rear swing outwards to make daily checks and maintenance much easier.

PT Amerta Giri Lestari, a Yogyakarta-based quarry and stone crusher company purchased the two SDLG LG939L wheeled loaders from PT Indotruck Utama, SDLG’s distribution partner in Indonesia.

“We have a very good working relationship with PT Indotruck Utama and are very pleased with their aftermarket service support,” Muranto said. “We will continue to use SDLG wheeled loaders as they are very cost-effective and serve as a reliable solution for our heavy load needs.”

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