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28 September 2016

Samoter 2017 road show sets off again

First published27/09/2016

More than 7,100 local council areas in Italy are at risk landslides and floods (over 88% on a national scale) for a total of 7 million inhabitants (source: Ispra Report).

In recent years, out of 700,000 landslides in Europe, 500,000 occurred in Italy.

Combating hydrogeological instability equally involves prevention, and this is why SaMoTer, Italy’s leading exhibition dedicated to earthmoving, site and building machinery, has opted to dedicated significant space to technological solutions in response to environmental emergencies.

Starting with the run-up to the 30th edition of the event, scheduled for 22-25 February 2017, the road show with four stop-offs in Apulia, Sicily, Calabria and Liguria started in Bari on 23 September before travelling to Palermo, Sicily (14 October); Catanzaro (18 November), and Genoa (2 December).

Al these meetings will focus on the debate concerning environmental safeguards with local operators in the sector: bearing in mind that good maintenance costs ten times less than repairing the damage. This will also be occasion to present all the business activities, initiatives and incentives implemented for SaMoTer 2017, and in particular, concessions regarding travel costs for visits by groups of operators from regions in central-southern Italy.

“With almost 900 sites underway in Italy to combat hydrogeological instability and Government funds coming to €1.3 billion allocated through the #italiasicura plan, one can envisage development on the earthmoving machinery market specialising in such works,” says Giovanni Mantovani, CEO and Director General of show organisers Veronafiere.

“This is an opportunity that SaMoTer seeks to grasp together with companies, in the knowledge that the role of an exhibition is not limited to the show as such but must be increasingly tailored to the real needs of business, training and updating of sector operators.”

The four appointments scheduled in the SaMoTer road show, developed with the support of Mediacom Acn, will see significant involvement by the Civil Protection Department and Fire Brigades, as well as architects, engineers and geologists, alongside regional and local institutions, universities and technical schools.

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