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23 September 2016

TS Rees strengthens 15-year relationship with new Bell Equipment B40D

First published21/09/2016
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Bell Equipment B40D
Continuing to invest in its load and haul operations independent quarrying company, TS Rees has purchased a new Bell Equipment B40D
Continuing to invest in its load and haul operations, independent quarrying company TS Rees has purchased a new Bell Equipment B40D articulated dump truck.  

Purposely designed to handle strenuous quarrying conditions, the B40D is said to have proved the best fit for TS Rees with its modern high-performance diesel engine delivering exceptional power and optimum fuel economy.

Sam Rees, managing director of TS Rees, said: “All of our machines are used in extremely demanding quarry environments and as such need to be able to withstand these testing conditions whilst remaining reliable and preventing costly down time.  The B40D matched – and has subsequently exceeded – these expectations, and our previous experience of dealing with Bell Equipment made the decision to buy again easy.”

TS Rees is a long standing customer of Bell Equipment, with the new B40D joining the company’s existing fleet, which also includes two original Bell B30Cs. These two machines, purchased over 15 years ago, are still performing light duties for the South Wales-based company.  

“The two B30Cs still being worked by TS Rees are testament to the quality of the design and engineering of the machines. It is fantastic to hear that they are still going strong and providing a useful and dependable service,” said Richard Higgott, sales and marketing manager at Bell Equipment.

“However Bell ADTs have evolved, in terms of performance and efficiency, and we’re confident TS Rees will both see and experience the difference with its new B40D,” added Higgott.

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