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21 June 2017

UK launch of Bell Equipment’s B20E ADT

First published19/06/2017
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Bell B20E ADT
Bell Equipment has announced the UK release of the B20E ADT

Positioned as a leading manufacturer of off-road earth moving machinery for over 30 years, Bell Equipment has announced the UK release of its acclaimed B20E 6x6 ADT, a highly durable 20tonne articulated truck designed for ease of operation and high production results.

Physically smaller than its internationally successful relations, the B25E and B30E, this latest addition to the Bell family has been presented to the UK market as a vehicle with comparable capabilities of its larger teammates, but packaged within a more compact unit, making it appropriate for use on small to medium sites.

This Tier-4 truck provides plant hire companies with the opportunity to bring a compact, high-spec ADT to their fleets, while also enabling existing Bell operators to standardise their taskforces and offer a full range of machines, from 20 to 60 tonne, from one manufacturer.  As with all E-series machines, the B20E benefits from the safety, performance and up-to-date Bell Fleetm@tic on-board data technologies, as well as uncompromised support and maintenance services.

“The 20-tonne market is renowned for being niche in the UK,” explains Richard Higgott, sales manager at Bell Equipment, “therefore customers have comparatively little choice when it comes to purchasing a smaller, yet highly powerful vehicle.

“However, that’s not to say there isn’t the demand for manoeuvrable, capable 6x6 machines that come into their own in low ground pressure applications.”

Although smaller, the B20E offers a very similar power-to-weight ratio to other Bell ADTs, providing the optimum balance between performance and fuel consumption. The B20E can produce the same power-to-weight ratio of the Bell B30E (5.11 kW/tonne), and is fitted with wet brakes to offer sealed protection against deep mud. Customers can also alternate between standard 20.5R25 earthmoving tyres or low profile, extra wide 800/45 R30.5 tyres; designed to offer significantly reduced ground pressure and market-leading flotation in excessively muddy or soft sandy underfoot conditions.

The machine’s high-end specification, combined with its opportune size, has made it internationally sought-after within industries where being compact is king, such as housebuilding and renewable energies.

Richard goes on to say how across the UK, construction companies that undertake domestic environment projects, highly value the capabilities of ADTs that are ‘light on their feet’.

He cites how already, one of the machines brought to the UK has been set-to-task preparing foundations for a turbine instalment within a Scottish windfarm, where the peaty ground conditions are too soft for larger machines to effectively manoeuvre.

He also explains how the introduction of the ADT model to the UK market has already been well-received by the country’s housebuilding industry, saying:

“To date, there’s been a limited number of vehicles available to housebuilders in the UK, capable of offering the specification of the B20E. It’s an agile machine, that brings in a rated payload of 18 tonnes. It also measures less than three metres, which is a significant feature, enabling it to be transported using a low loader or road driver without the need for a movement order.

“The B20Es ‘accessible’ dimensions make it a more appropriate vehicle than a 25-ton or 30-ton truck in close working environments.

“Medium scale housing developments can always benefit from using smaller, agile ADTs, designed to cope better with softer ground conditions, while also being easier to transport, manoeuvre and operate.”

The B20E boasts an impressive turning circle of 3.7m, with 800 wide tyres, and ground pressure as low as 95kPa.  The load over height of 2.5m also allows the ADT’s bin to be filled using various loading tools.

Having already sold all the B20Es planned for UK sale during 2017, Richard is confident that demand for the latest Bell addition will be strong.  He confirms that owing to the initial sales success, Bell has plans to increase production quantities towards the end of the year, so is continuing to take new orders.

“The B20E is making its mark as far as sales are concerned,” he says, “a factor we attribute to the model’s ability to fill a definite void in the market.

“Bell has long been a key '20-ton’ competitor within southern Africa and has experienced considerable demand for its B20Es in high production environments. As a result, the machines have thrived, delivering real return on investment within smaller scale developments. This success has triggered Bell Equipment’s decision to make the 20-ton size truck available to other countries across the world. 

“Now, UK customers with specialist needs will be able to not only secure a hard-working, reliable and powerful ADT, with true 6x6 capabilities, a driven rear axle and emissions-compliant Mercedes Benz engine, but also benefit from the exceptional Bell specification, such as on-board weighing, Tip Safe, Neutral Park Brake, Downhill Speed Control, Hill Hold and Bell Equipment’s proprietary satellite fleet management system, Fleetm@tic.

“This compact machine clearly comes from the same genepool as its larger counterparts, however owing to its smaller size, presents a fantastic addition to any commercial fleet looking to achieve a true return on investment, better meet its plant hire customers’ needs, and benefit from an opportunity to standardise ADT fleets with one supplier for more comprehensive service and aftercare."

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