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17 August 2018

Ulrich enables drivers to lubricate bucket attachments

First published15/08/2018
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High Tip bucket.jpg
The high-tip bucket from Ulrich Attachment

Ulrich Attachment has developed a single point grease system that enables drivers of wheeled loaders to control and ensure the full lubrication of high-tip bucket attachments.

UK-based Ulrich, which makes bespoke attachments for mobile plant machinery, has partnered with lubrication solutions specialist Lubemec on the initiative.

The system is capable of connecting the Ulrich high-tip bucket’s multiple grease points to a single central location at the back of the attachment. It requires the installation of a set of protectively covered grease pipes, which run from individual nipple points to the central block.

Ulrich says the vehicle’s driver need only grease a single point on the block to safely and successfully distribute grease periodically to each vital point across the attachment.

In addition to ensuring that all points are receiving lubrication, the central block also features a visual aid that is designed to notify the operator of blockages and help avoid any consequential damage. 

Ulrich plans to include the lubricating mechanism as standard within its high-tip buckets by 2019.

Jason Periam, sales manager at Ulrich, commented: “Relevant experience has taught us that while many plant vehicles have automatic grease systems installed, the attachments fitted often get overlooked.

“Effectively maintaining the function of hardworking attachments, using correctly applied lubricants, is essential to prolonging equipment life and performance, and simultaneously improves operation safety levels, as operators needn’t physically access the bucket to apply lubrication."

If the connecting loader already features a Lubemec autogrease system, Periam adds that the Ulrich system can effectively be linked to it for ease and additional efficiency.

Lubumec is a distributor for SKF, whose lubrication products are used in the system. Graham Imms, regional sales engineer at Lubemec, said: “We believe that the quality of the Ulrich product goes hand-in-hand with the quality of the centralised lubrication system from SKF, and we very much look forward to continuing our work with such a great team.”

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