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First publishedin Aggregates Business Europe
January February 2011
The new Idler Aligner from Martin Engineering
Martin Engineering is aiming to improve on site performance of conveyor systems with the launch its new Idler Aligner, which is said to offer a safe and effective method to manually fi ne tune OEM-style self-adjusting idlers. The new product uses a handle and comb for course modifi cation, with slots for fi ner tuning.

According to Martin, proper Proper alignment is an extremely important factor in a conveyor system, as a misaligned belt can cause uneven wear, belt or structure damage and material spillage.

The aligner bracket mounts to most manufacturers' self-aligning idlers, allowing for broad application. To improve safety, the design eliminates the need to tie off idlers to the surrounding structure, and the locking bar features a hole for padlock placement to restrict access and handle movement. The slotted comb on the new idler provides a range of incremental adjustment settings of plus or minus 7.5° to ensure consistent performance.

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