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04 September 2014

Cat unveils 340D2 L excavator

First published04/09/2014
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Cat 340D2 L hydraulic excavator
The new Cat 340D2 L hydraulic excavator replaces the 340D L

The new Cat 340D2 L hydraulic excavator, replacing the 340D L, is said to build on the productive performance and durability of its predecessor.

Offering a more refined hydraulic system and a fuel-efficient Cat C9 engine that meets US EPA Tier 2, EU Stage II, and China Tier 2 emissions standards, the new model, with an operating weight of 40,270kg, features massive structural components; heavy-duty undercarriage; a selection of booms, sticks, and work tools for optimum versatility, and a spacious, comfortable cab with low-effort, pilot-operated joysticks and a pressurisation system for a dust-free environment.

The 340D2 L's 200kW engine is said to be an estimated 7% more fuel efficient than the predecessor engine, resulting from an isochronous engine speed and torque control system that reduces engine speed during no-load or light-load conditions, as well as from a new electric pressure sensor in the implement hydraulic system that can detect pump load demand precisely to improve system efficiency.

A powerful implement hydraulic system operates at a relief pressure of 35,000kPa and produces maximum flow of 530litres/minute to handle a variety of work tools, says Caterpillar.

High- and medium-pressure control circuits are available to facilitate tool use, and the operator can choose between two working modes, High Hydraulic Power or Economy, to match machine performance to the application.

For further fuel savings and overall operating efficiency, the 340D2 L uses boom and stick regeneration circuits that significantly reduce the load on the hydraulic pumps.

The 6.5m heavy-duty reach boom is available with a 3.2m heavy-duty general purpose stick. In addition, a mass excavation front linkage uses a 6.18m boom which can be equipped with either a 2.55m or a 2.15m stick for use with high capacity buckets.

The mass excavation 340D2 L with its 8,450kg counterweight can be fitted with heavy duty buckets (2.6m³ and 2.69m³) for optimal performance.

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