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Cat’s launches new 834K dozer

First publishedin Aggregates Business Europe & International
March April 2014
Caterpillar Dozer 834K WD 2
Caterpillar’s new 834K wheeled dozer is said to build on the strengths of its predecessors with engine choices tailored for worldwide use; a completely new cab; drive-train refinement; new monitoring and diagnostic features; new safety features and structural enhancements.

Available blade types include straight, universal, semi-universal and coal, ranging in capacity from 7.9-22.2m³.

Rated at 370kW, the Cat C18 engine used in the 834K is available in three configurations: Tier 4 Final (Stage IV) using a diesel particulate filter and a selective-catalytic-reduction system to control emissions; Tier 3 equivalent without after-treatment; and Tier 2 equivalent without after-treatment.

“The C18 uses Caterpillar’s field-tested, mechanically actuated, electronic unit-injection system for precise control of fuel delivery, yielding optimum performance and economy in all operating situations,” says Caterpillar.

“Fuel-saving enhancements for the 834K include engine-idle-shutdown and engine-idle kick-down systems, and the delayed-engine-shutdown system protects the engine from hot shut-downs.”

The Cat 4F/3R planetary power-shift transmission used in the 834K features a new Advance Productivity Electronic Control Shifting system, which is designed to provide greater machine momentum through shift points, enhancing performance and saving fuel.

The  impeller clutch torque converter (ICTC) allows the operator to adjust rimpull from 100-225% in order to match hydraulic effort and rimpull to the operating situation. The ICTC system reduces tyre wear and permits full-throttle shifts for greater productivity.

The 834K features a completely redesigned operator’s station.

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