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ContiTech cleans up

First publishedin Aggregates Business Europe
2010 July August
ContiClean A-H conveyer belt
Improved production methods have enabled ContiTech to offer improvements to its ContiClean conveyor belt products. The company claims that the benefits include superior troughability and better resistance to low temperatures on the anti-stick belt product.

These new benefits of ContiClean A-H are attributable to an optimised rubber compound used in the production of the belt. The compound means that it is now possible to operate the belt conveyor at temperatures as low as -25 °C. ContiTech developed this new belt type in collaboration with Olberts Gummi- und Fördertechnik GmbH, Krefeld, Germany, the company marketing the product in Germany.

Thanks to its special surface properties, ContiClean A-H does not become soiled even when handling ultra-sticky materials like clay and gypsum. Any caked-on material is gently removed beyond the materials discharge point by a scraper tailored exactly to the product. This means that conventional hard-metal scrapers are no longer an absolute necessity. The conveyor belt suffers less wear and tear, and its service life is increased enormously, according to ContiTech.

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