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DCT offers mini DustBoss

First publishedin Aggregates Business Europe & International
May June 2015
DCT’s new DustBoss DB-M Mini for dust suppression
Developed for applications such as conveyor unloading points and other limited-space dust-producing areas is the DustBoss DB-M Mini from Dust Control Technology (DCT).

Generating a cascading mist of atomised droplets averaging 50-200microns in size, the DB-M Mini unit has a throw of about 3.04m under calm conditions.

The unit runs on water pressure alone, requiring no electrical hook-up.

“We’ve found suppression is best achieved by controlling dust at the source whenever possible,” says Carl Harr, DCT dust control specialist.

“We designed this compact version of the DB-M to fit into smaller spaces to directly address those specific problem areas. It’s well suited to applications involving very fine dust particles, such as slag dust or fly ash.”

The boom length can be specified anywhere from 0.3m-4.57m, and the unit is fitted at the end with a misting head featuring nine atomising nozzles.

Along with the customisable boom length, proprietary variable particle sizing (vps) technology allows specialised nozzles to be added, removed or replaced on the head in order to customise droplet sizes for optimum suppression

An optional dosing pump can be attached for accurate metering of odour control additives, surfactants to improve binding to particles or tackifying agents to help seal ground-level dust and prevent it from becoming airborne.

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