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Modelling software aids production demand forecasts

First publishedin Aggregates Business Europe
2010 November December
Mobile Screen in operation
While screening technology is helping to tightly control product specification, Aggflow believes that quarries could be more proactive when it comes to ensuring they are operating in the most profitable manner. The company is working on a new element of its modelling software that will allow the profitability of different set ups to be assessed. "The AggOpti system will allow engineers and sales staff to put demand forecasts into the model and work out the best mode of operation and see the impact on the bottom line," said AggFlow's Bob Teller.

"While one quarry product may sell for a high price, producing it may create a high volume of low value products which may not create the highest profits. The new version of the software will allow sales and engineers to work out the most profitable mix of products, a production schedule and the settings needed to ensure this." AggOpti is currently being field tested by several US quarry operators but AggFlow hopes to have the system available in the near future. Nonetheless, Teller added that quarries looking to enhance their operation using such technology need to have accurate production data for actual on site conditions.

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