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Updated Cat M Series loaders

First publishedin Aggregates Business Europe
June 2019
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Among the Caterpillar wheeled loaders benefitting from a 2019 product update package is the 966M wheeled loader

The 2019 product update package for Cat M Series medium wheeled loaders (950M – 982M) includes technology advances that provide lower operating costs via extended service intervals; enhanced operator comfort with new seats and suspensions; emissions control strategies to meet EU Stage V standards (EU only); added machine configurations (982M Forestry Machine and 982M High Lift); expanded productivity measurement tools; remote software update capability; and refinements in ground engaging tool and coupler systems. Periodic updates allow Caterpillar to bring new and improved features to market more quickly and more frequently than do conventional new product introduction (NPI) cycles.

U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final and EU Stage V emissions-compliant models save maintenance costs by extending engine oil, engine oil filter and hydraulic oil filter change intervals from 500 hours up to 1,000 hours. Based on estimated comparisons of total engine and hydraulic fluids, filters, and sampling costs during a 6,000-hour period, costs can be potentially reduced by 16 to 23%. (For Tier 3 equivalent models, extended intervals apply only to hydraulic filters.)

In addition, several fuel and engine oil filters are being converted from spin-on to cartridge-type. Benefits of cartridge-type filters include fewer parts to replace at servicing (housing is retained), easier disposal of used elements, and less costly replacement parts.

The ‘next generation’ of seats and suspensions offers three trim levels—comfort, deluxe, and premium plus—and features high-visibility, seat-adjustment controls, as well as ride stiffness adjustments. A new ‘breakthrough’ suspension for deluxe and premium plus trim levels increases dampening at the top and bottom of seat travel, providing additional suspension stability and avoiding hard stops at travel limits.

The ride stiffness of the seat suspension is adjustable to different settings, allowing operators to tailor seat dampening to individual preferences and to the application. This feature was previously included only with EH steering (joystick and wheel), but with the 2019 product update, it is now included with HMU steering wheel units with deluxe and premium plus seats.

Among the package of updates for medium wheeled loaders is a new universal coupler for 966M – 972M models. The new coupler eliminates width interference with multiple tools and a reduced offset increases breakout force by 4%.

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