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Wooden scrapers from FB Chain

First publishedin Aggregates Business Europe
2012 July August
Wooden Scrapers
FB Chain has developed an innovative type of wooden scraper attachment, the Inno, that is said to reduce conveyor downtime at cement plants.

“At cement plants where loads conveyed are, by nature, heavy, scraper failure is a common problem and its resultant impact on the conveyor’s chain and sprockets is a familiar cause of costly conveyor downtime,” says FB Chain, the UK subsidiary of Swedish company Addtech.

The Inno scrapers are made from multi-laminated beech, which when processed and assembled using thermosetting synthetic resins, is claimed to make a material that is a tenth of the weight of steel but with almost the same strength.

“Our new Inno scrapers save time and money. Not only do they not cause costly damage to other conveyor components when overloaded, if they do break they can be easily and cheaply replaced which reduces conveyor downtime considerably,” says Peter Church, managing director of FB Chain.

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