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27 January 2012

Cemex launches Hidratium concrete

First publishedon www.AggBusiness.com

Cemex is launching its second global ready-mix concrete brand, Hidratium.

The special ready-mix concrete with self-curing properties is already being sold in France, Ireland, Mexico, Poland and Guatemala, and is ready to be produced in the Czech Republic, Germany, UAE, Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua, Spain and China.

Hidratium's self-curing properties are achieved through a combination of distinctive mix design principles and proprietary admixtures designed by Cemex researchers to provide a number of advantages, says the company.

According to Cemex these include replacement of external curing; elimination of plastic shrinkage cracking and reduction of long-term shrinkage by at least 50%; reduction of water evaporation by approximately 80%; reduction of construction time by approximately 30%;production of dust-free surfaces; maintenance-free: no post-casting repairs required, and anincrease in the durability of concrete structures.

"Cemex offers an innovative concrete technology that is designed to enable our customers to avoid extra investment of time as well as money to maintain adequate levels of moisture and attain the maximum performance of the concrete," said Davide Zampini, head of the Cemex Research Group.

Hidratium was developed by the Cemex Research Group in Switzerland in collaboration with the Cemex Cement and Ready Mix Technology Center in Mexico.

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