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BHS-Sonthofen concrete mix technology

First publishedin Aggregates Business International
2015 November December
Europoles has delivered 618 supports made from white, high-strength spun concrete for the third largest mosque in the world in Algiers, Algeria.

The pole manufacturer from Neumarkt, Germany, produced the concrete for the up to 34m high and up to 34tonne columns with twin-shaft batch mixers from the BHS-Sonthofen DKX range.

At present, the Great Mosque of Algeria is being erected at a cost of around €1.1 billion.

The prayer room is a vast cube with a capacity of up to 35,000 people. The 32 largest of the 618 octagonal spun concrete supports, made from high-quality white concrete, have three parts, a total length of 34m and a diameter of 1.62m.

For this project Europoles needed a new mixer, since the mixing times with the existing planetary mixers would have been much too long. A separate mixer was also needed for the extremely delicate white concrete in order to avoid contaminants..

The Europoles plant technology department decided on “the most powerful and fastest mixer” that could be accommodated in the existing installation space, a DKX 1.25 twin-shaft batch mixer with a rated output of 1.25m³ of hardened concrete per batch. For the mosque project, up to four columns/day left the plant at peak times, each of them weighing up to 30tonnes.

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