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Buckets of big screen potential

First publishedin Aggregates Business Europe & International
May June 2016
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MB Crusher’s new MB LS-220 screening bucket
MB Crusher's new MB LS-220 screening bucket with interchangeable modular panels was an eye-catching product at bauma 2016
The highly competitive screening bucket and attachments market is currently seeing an array of new products being made available to quarrying and construction customers. Guy Woodford looks at some of the best.

ALLU’s screener crusher bucket units can now be equipped with any drum option available. Their new frames can now be “tuned”, says the Finnish firm, to each customer’s specifications. This means one screener crusher unit can be used for multiple jobs, making each bucket more versatile and better utilised, offering greater revenue generation potential.

The well-tuned bucket innovation was highlighted by ALLU at the bauma 2016 exhibition in Munich, Germany, alongside the firm’s new drums with changeable blades, said to be a great tool for waste material handling, pipeline backfilling and padding. The Universal blades match most applications and materials while the Long blades serve on compost and other soft materials increasing capacity.

Meanwhile, with ALLU’s new TS drum assembly two different fragment sizes are possible with one bucket unit just by repositioning the screening combs. Based on the application, the customer may choose the standard blades for screening (gravel, top soil, compost) or the axe blades for crushing or shredding effect when undertaking applications involving field bark, plastic bags shredding, and waste materials.
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ALLU DARE gathers data on bucket count
ALLU DARE gathers data on bucket count, processing time, total working time and processed tonnes
All ALLU drums have changeable blades and the company says it has now added 40 % more wearing surface to the blades in addition to a new patent pending design.

Another exciting innovation from ALLU on show at bauma 2016 was the new ALLU DARE (Data Reporting) system, helping to deliver efficient working processes through the provision of data from the hydraulic system in real time. ALLU DARE collects data on bucket count, processing time, total working time, and processed tonnes. This data can then be utilised, for instance, when quoting new projects or estimating project finishing times.

MB Crusher premiered its new MB-LS220 screening bucket at bauma 2016. Adapted for 12-35tonne loaders and backhoes, the Vicenza, Italyheadquartered firm says the model represents a true innovation for the screening sector, where an accessory adapted for backhoes of this size had, MB Crusher claims, never before been presented to the market.

As with all of the screening buckets in the company’s range, the MB-LS220 has a basket with interchangeable modular panels, available with easy-to-fit different sized meshes according to screening requirements. The MB-LS200’s innovative conical basket shape has been specially designed to significantly increase the performance of production per hour and to screen all collected material without residue.

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PowerLatch Tilt coupler
Due to be exhibited at Hillhead 2016, Miller UK's compact and innovative PowerLatch Tilt coupler offers 180° tilt functionality
A Simex VSE 30 screening bucket is said to be playing an important role in the Rellwerk power station project in Austria. The power station is part of infrastructure works to modernise and upgrade the hydroelectric power network of Voralberg, the alpine region of western Austria.

Financed by the European Investment Bank, the power station is part of a hydroelectric complex of the region that will produce 13.5 megawatts when up and running. Started in late 2014, works to build the power station include creation of a reservoir, pumping station, power plant and a pipeline network.

Konhofer, based in Satteins, western Austria was one of the contractors assigned to works on the new power station, including the installation of a 1m diameter pipeline for conveying the water to the reservoir and pumping station. Once the pipeline was laid, the pipe segments had to be welded and then covered with gravel, the latter process usually involving the transport of gravel up the mountain by way of a service road. However, hauling the gravel was time-consuming, and because the service road running parallel to the pipeline was so narrow, gravel transport was often delayed by welding operations.

On the suggestion of Otto Wohlgenannt, one of Simex’s Austrian dealers, Konhofer rented one of the first VSE 30 screening buckets the Italian company produced. The attachment screened the excavated material accumulated along the welded pipe and then covered the pipe using the bucket, a solution that proved an excellent alternative to the pre-screening and hauling operations. In addition, the VSE 30 produced the gravel size specified, preventing bigger pieces from entering the trench and ensuring excellent productivity.
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Miller UK PowerLatch Tilt coupler
The cutting-edge Miller UK PowerLatch Tilt coupler with bucket
With a capacity of 0.85m³ and a weight of 1,790kg (empty bucket), the VSE 30 screening bucket is said to be the ideal attachment for 18-24tonne excavators. Like its big brother, the VSE 40, the VSE 30 allows the output size of the screened material to be adjusted from the cabin via electric command. Featuring a bucket shape said to maximise capacity and production, the VSE 30 also boasts an excellent weight-to-size ratio, said to make it a great match with machines like those used in the Rellwerk power station project. The VSE 30 also offers easy tool replacement, an aspect that improves profitability through minimising machine downtime.

Earthmoving attachments manufacturer Miller UK is looking forward to exhibiting at Hillhead 2016 in Buxton, England (28-30 June), rounding up a season of shows across three continents. The biennial event is famous for its live demonstrations of construction equipment and Miller will be treating delegates to live product demos of both its new hydraulic breaker and its new PowerLatch Tilt coupler.

Visitors will be able to see the power of Miller’s hydraulic breaker in action at the quarry face during the show. It incorporates three key features that are said to set it apart from anything else on the market in 2015 - an innovative top bracket designed to fit multiple OEM machines and sizes, a tracker device to prevent loss or theft and an automated lubrication system. Since its launch in summer 2015, it is said by Miller to have already had a dramatic impact on efficiency, safety and security at construction sites across the UK.

Miller’s new PowerLatch Tilt coupler, which provides 180° tilt functionality, boasts a compact design and unique side-mounted arms reducing the overall height and weight – leading to an increase in productivity. It builds on the proven Miller TwinLock design, with mechanical front and rear locks, and its self-lubricating actuator and low maintenance design saves valuable time on site.
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REMU bucket attachments
REMU has recently launched a number of modularly structured Crossover bucket attachments
REMU has introduced a number of modularly structured Crossover bucket attachments. Crossover buckets have a separate frame structure and exchangeable work module that enables fluent transition from one application to another.

By exchanging the work modules for the Crossover frame, the bucket can be transformed into a screening bucket; a crushing bucket; a vibrating screening bucket, or even a concrete mixer and a sand spreading bucket. “Changing the module takes only ten minutes which enables contractors to complete the following work stages in an efficient manner,” says Finnish firm REMU.

The Crossover product line includes two sizes of bucket frames: XO 2090 for excavators over 5tonnes and XO 2150 for excavators over 8tonnes. For both frame sizes there are five different types of work modules available which is said to make Crossover “the most versatile bucket attachment in the market.”

Ramtec’s products, which are geared around the Robi brand name, include Robi’s MM screening bucket series offering five models that are designed for screening, separating, mixing and composting.

The machines can be equipped with standard, soil, peat or compost axles, and as a carrier the customer can choose an excavator (16-24tonnes) or a wheeled loader (6-7tonnes). The showpiece MM104 has undergone a number of improvements. Its frame is redesigned and completely new, and there are cleaning combs to keep the axles clean, thus improving the unit’s overall productivity.

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