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Major cleaning development

First publishedin Aggregates Business Europe
2011 July August
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Major Wire's new Flex-Mat 3 self-cleaning polyurethane modular screen media panels
Major Wire's new panels increase the screening area
Canada-based Major Wire Industries has announced the launch of a full range of Flex-Mat 3 self-cleaning polyurethane modular screen media panels. The new range is available in 305mm by 610mm panels to fit virtually any flat-surface screen deck and allows operators to choose between pin-, grooved-, snap- and step-types in opening sizes of 30 mesh, or 0.5mm to 38mm.

According to Major Wire, the Flex-Mat 3 panels provide up to 50% more open screen area than traditional rigid polyurethane and rubber panels. Use of the 305mm by 610mm panels in place of the company's 305mm by 305mm panels further increases the screen area by 4.6%.

The company said that the self-cleaning capability is delivered by the independently vibrating wires, which create more screening action and eliminating blinding, pegging and clogging.
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