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Viper’s 3D screening buckets are said to provide in-situ usage of otherwise waste materials

First publishedin Aggregates Business International
September October 2016
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Viper 3D screening buckets
Vipermetal (Viper) has unveiled its new 3D screening buckets specially designed for use on excavators and wheeled loaders.

Viper 3D screening buckets have been developed to allow reuse and separation of different materials and fragmentations, providing in-situ usage of otherwise waste materials. Trench filling and padding, topsoil mixing/stabilisation and biomaterial screening/aerating are among the typical screening applications.

The Viper screening bucket attachment is designed to be lightweight and provide easy changeover of attachments between base machinery. Downtime is, therefore, said to be minimised, as one operator can do several jobs and a number of different attachments are used with the same base machine.

Viper 3D screening has been developed to increase hourly output and improve the quality of screened materials. Key benefits include rotors located in the bottom of the bucket moving the material forwards and backwards depending if the rotors are turned clockwise or anticlockwise. Meanwhile, ‘CenterTwinSpiral’ rotors move material sideways to the centre of the bucket and to the side of the bucket when rotating clockwise or anticlockwise. Optimally U-shaped rotating axles also move the material up and down while rotating, resulting in improved screening quality and higher capacity especially when screening humid and sticky materials.

All Viper screening buckets have anti-clogging to ensure effective screening and units are manufactured using only Hardox wear steel to eliminate dead weight, increasing capacity and reducing fuel costs.

Viper said its 4D screening bucket innovation is currently in its development phase and being tested onsite.

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