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Weir Minerals launches new Gemex range

First publishedin Aggregates Business Europe & International
July August 2014
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Weir Minerals Gemex belt tensioning system
Weir Minerals Gemex belt tensioning system integrated with a Warman centrifugal slurry pump

Weir Minerals has launched two new configurations for its Gemex belt-tensioning system, integrating the system with two more of its most popular pump ranges.

The Gemex tensioner has been incorporated into updated versions of the company’s latest and most advanced heavy-duty slurry pump, the Warman WBH centrifugal slurry pump and the medium-duty Warman MU pump.

These are the first combined pump-and-tensioner packages to be added by Weir Minerals since the integrated package was designed for the company’s best-selling pump, the Warman AH pump, in 2013.

The Gemex system was launched in the European market in 2012 after Weir Minerals acquired Sweden-based Gema Industri.

By integrating a hydraulically-adjustable and mechanically-lockable motor platform onto the pumps’ bearing assemblies, the system removes the need to realign the motor each time the drive belt needs to be replaced, reducing the downtime required from hours to minutes.

Tony G. Locke, managing director of Weir Minerals Europe, said: “All too often we see the performance of our pumps compromised by poorly-adjusted belt-drive systems. When properly tensioned and aligned, a belt system is one of the best ways to drive a pump. However, the need to replace the belt periodically is a major drawback, requiring downtime and increasing the possibility of incorrect tensioning or alignment, leading to poor performance.

“The Gemex belt-tensioning system solves this problem associated with belt-driven systems by making belt replacement quick and easy and ensuring perfect tensioning and alignment every time. This means pumps run more efficiently, last longer and require less maintenance.

“While the system can be used with almost any belt-drive pump, the integrated packages we now offer for our most popular pumps provide a solution that works straight out of the box with no additional set-up work required.

“This is an important part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring our products perform at optimum levels, whatever the industry, and our customers can also rely on us to provide aftermarket support and expert advice for their equipment.”

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