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Baioni manufactures new CentriPod

First publishedin Aggregates Business Europe
May June 2016
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Baioni’s new CentriPod system
Baioni's new CentriPod system is designed to meet the growing need for water clarification
Baioni says the new CentriPod system is designed to meet the growing needs for water clarification and solids dewatering in the extractive industries.

After a long association in the silt and water reclamation processes, the Environment Division of Baioni Crushing Plants, Manvers Engineering, and Mudtech, have agreed a joint venture for the production of the Manvers Pod centrifuge system to be manufactured in the Baioni works in Italy.

The CentriPod system uses the Baioni high-performance BaiDec centrifuge, together with the Manvers operator-friendly touchscreen control panel, allowing the operator to see all processes in operation.

The system comes with its own integrated polymer tanks unit, allowing for infinite control of flocculent dosing and for the operator to deal with varying silt inputs.

The 47litre CentriPod has a hydraulic capacity of 42,000litres/hour and a dry solids capacity of 9tonnes/hour, while the 62litre model has a capacity of 87,000litres/hour and solids output of 18-20tonnes/hour.

The CentriPod centrifuge system comes in two purpose made containers, one housing the Baioni BaiDec decanter and one housing the polymer dosing, which is available in two versions using liquid polymer or dry polymer.

Siemens flow meters are fitted in-line for the feed pump delivery and for the polymer pump delivery; quick connections arranged on the outside of the container units enable easy connection of all services, sludge supply, electric and water.

CentriPod applications include sand and gravel production; quarrying, mining and recycling; contaminated land remediation; and large and small civil engineering projects worldwide.

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