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Fraccaroli and Balzan’s new filter press

First publishedin Aggregates Business Europe
2013 November December
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Fraccaroli and Balzan’s new filter press
Fraccaroli and Balzan's new filter press
In order to satisfy requests from the global market Fraccaroli and Balzan has invested in research, development and human resources, and it says that one of its most important and new achievements is the plate over beam four-piston filter press with the  code FB 2000.

The filter press is a 120 plates expandable to 140 plates press, 2m x 2m plate size, installed for an important customer in Tortona, Alessandria, Italy).

The treatment capacity of the press is approximately 12m³ of dehydrated mud per cycle (about 40m³ of slurry per cycle).

“The machine is fully automatic, controlled by a Siemens PLC. The filter press mud feeding pump is controlled by electronic inverter to obtain the best loading sludge process,” says the company.

“This new filter press presents innovative techniques, such as the opening system of the plates, through a robot sliding on trolley, and the built-in shaker of the plates. In this way, each step of the filtration cycle is completely automatic.”

The filter press has been designed to allow an easy extraction of the plates from the top: the plates are anchored to the upper beam of the press in such a way that the plates do not twist and turn during their movements.

“It is completed by an innovative automatic washing system which, when it is not operated, is located on the side of the filter press. In this way, the washing robot does not interfere with the normal operations and it does not get dirty with mud.

“The range of filter presses Fraccaroli and Balzan also include membrane and compressed air plates, which can satisfy demands of very low residual moisture in the dehydrated mud.”

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