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Sandvik’s new HX900 wear segments

First publishedin Aggregates Business International
2016 November December
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Sandvik’s HX900 wear segment
Sandvik’s recently-launched HX900 wear segments, comprising bars, buttons, and runners, are said to maintain the original shape of vital equipment surfaces. According to the company this means fewer stops, lower maintenance and operating costs, enabling more time for production.

“A typical HX900 product has a wear resistance that is comparable with cemented carbide and a strength that is 80-90% of the strength of pure nodular iron.

The wear resistance is generally 5-15 times higher than with common hardened steel, Ni-hard, hardfacing or ceramics,” says Sandvik.

“HX900 wear segments are ideal for crushers, loader buckets, chutes, excavators, rock box edges, weld-on hammer tips, and in all places that are inaccessible for installation of wear liners. In such applications, HX900 may easily replace conventional wear resistant steels, castings and hard facing on wear parts subjected to severe stresses.”

HX900 wear segments are available in buttons, bars and runners, and in three shapes for flexible and adaptable usage.

“The wear life of HX900 wear segments is about five times longer than white iron, and 20 times longer than quenched steel. Longer life means fewer stops, lower maintenance and operating costs, and more time for production,” says Sandvik.

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