MULTIFORCE BK T91 is the first industrial rubber-track pattern made by BKT, the leading multinational Off-Highway tire manufacturer, and designed for material handling applications.
November 24, 2023


This product is purpose-made for CTLs (compact track loaders) in complex operating conditions. The special formulation of the tread compound provides maximum resistance to cuts, tears, and abrasions, increasing the durability and performance of this track. The tread has a C-shaped pattern with numerous edges, ensuring extraordinary ground grip and excellent traction, features that make the track particularly suitable for multiple surfaces, such as clay, mud, asphalt, gravel, and sand.

BKT Launches MULTIFORCE BK T91MULTIFORCE BK T91 has been reinforced with high-strength steel cords for improved performance over conventional products, thus reducing downtime and maintenance costs in relation to replacing worn tracks. An additional distinguishing feature of MULTIFORCE BK T91 is its outstanding and precise handling capability even in confined spaces without endangering goods or the surrounding environment. A crucial factor for all material handling operations, resulting in increased operational efficiency and productivity. As a matter of fact, the new MULTIFORCE BK T91 enables operators to do their jobs faster, in full safety, even under extreme and demanding service conditions.

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