June 24, 2020 4 mins Read
Building activity loses momentum in the Middle East as the region faces the twin challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and plunging oil prices
June 23, 2020
After enduring significant coronavirus-induced disruption, UK and Ireland building material producers will find strong demand for their products once…
June 22, 2020 3 mins Read
Russia may be short of aggregates for those major infrastructure works put on hold during tougher economic times.
June 20, 2020 3 mins Read
For more than 20 years as director of Aspasa, Nico Pienaar has energetically championed high levels of safer, healthier and more environmentally…
June 19, 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic has created significant challenges for the global cement and concrete sectors. Benjamin Sporton, CEO of the Global Cement and…
June 19, 2020 4 mins Read
An easy-to-install and highly mobile concrete mixing plant is being used in the construction of what is claimed to be the world’s largest lock in the…
June 17, 2020 4 mins Read
How choosing the appropriate screen media for the crushing and screening process can improve production and solve screening problems.
June 15, 2020 6 mins Read
A major quarrying and construction sector-suited excavator manufacturer is working on an eye-catching alternative fuel project, while other excavator…
June 10, 2020
Popular for many years in Western Europe and North America, quarrying machine rebuilds are now showing growth in Russia, Africa and the Middle East.
June 8, 2020 4 mins Read
South Korea’s aggregates sector is set for a period of strong demand thanks to big government-backed private-sector spending on new national…