ASPASA: Fighting COVID-19 with facts and figures

Information is critical in the fight against COVID-19, which has prompted South Africa surface mining industry association, ASPASA, to spare no effort to ensure that its members and their staff are well informed about the disease.
July 13, 2020
By Guy Woodford
ASPASA director Nico Pienaar

Since the beginning of the outbreak in South Africa, the association has launched an active communication campaign designed to convey news and findings related to the disease. It hosted its first-ever webinar during lockdown and published an array of posters that can be downloaded, printed and displayed by its members.

These are updated regularly as new information becomes available to assist the response to the disease as well as allay fears and counter misinformation in the workplace.

ASPASA director Nico Pienaar says that a lot of information is “out there” on social and other media platforms. Still, stakeholders do not always know how it relates to our industry and circumstances. Mining is quite different to office environments and even to other outdoor activities such as farming or other business trades.

“As a result, we try to put out information that is relevant to our industry and helps in the fight against the disease. Our poster campaign and newsletter information aims to spread infection control measures, social distancing steps, PPE applications and other importing information that can be shared widely among staff stakeholders. In some instances, if required, we also try to address misconceptions so that we can deal with facts alone,” says Pienaar. 

The latest posters address some of the latest challenges highlighted by ASPASA members. They include information on gauging risk levels when coming into contact with COVID-19 positive individuals, disease risk and quarantine criteria, natural immune system boosters, home remedies for healthy individuals and more.

“We hope that these interventions will help our industry to effectively fight the disease and stop its spread in the near future,” concludes Pienaar.

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