Hillhead 2024 - the most visited edition ever!

July 3, 2024
By Guy Woodford
View of the Hillhead 2024 from the quarry face viewing platform. Pic: QMJ Publishing

Hillhead 2024 was the most visited show ever in terms of the volume of visits over three days. Visitors spent more time at the show than ever before and a record number attended for more than one day. There were 26,626 visits over the three days, which was 8% higher than in 2022.

In terms of unique visitors, with 19,577 attendees (+6.2% compared with 2022), this year's show had the second-highest ever number of unique attendees (only 2018 was higher at 19,753, although that show had less volume over the three days).

Last Wednesday was easily Hillhead's busiest day, with almost 10,800 people attending the exhibition.

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