Aggregate Industries launches ProLay asphalt system

Construction and infrastructure company Aggregate Industries has launched the ProLay system offering asphalt solutions tailored to specific applications.
October 23, 2020
The ProLay asphalt system is designed to cut CO2 emissions
The ProLay asphalt system is designed to cut CO2 emissions

The new system offers data-capture capabilities to drive project cost efficiencies and extend the life of pavements, with up to a 10-year warranty on approved applications.

Aggregate Industries says that, through a consultative approach and early involvement in a project’s design stage, its contracting division is able to carry out site investigations to identify and deliver tailored whole-life solutions via the ProLay system.

The new service is designed to assist clients in identifying the right first-time pavement design solution, and smart surfacing technology captures the pavement data required to support asset management. The ProLay system comes complete with as-built digital data records and an end of warranty report (as applicable).

The ProLay System offers a new range of exclusive products that contain high-grade bitumen, that can be mixed at low temperatures to reduce CO2.

The range includes the carbon-efficient ProLay Ultra 942 solution. Aggregate Industries says this is a specially designed asphalt that, in combination with rolling-resistance technology, leads to customer fuel efficiency. Other versions are: ProLay Curve for high stress applications; ProLay Single, for thick lifts and self-regulating; ProLay Silent, an environmentally friendly ultra-low noise solution; ProLay Grip Grip, an alternative to high-friction surfacing and ProLay Light, which contains Lytag - a low-density aggregate with a dense asphalt mix, making it an ultra-lightweight solution that is suitable for applications where weight restrictions apply.

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