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Choosing the right crusher wear parts for your crushing equipment is important to keep your operations up and running
April 1, 2021
O Series crusher


Considerations when choosing crusher wear liners

Choosing the right crusher wear parts for your crushing equipment is important to keep your operations up and running without costly unplanned downtime and to ensure high-quality end results.  Wear parts that are designed specifically for your crusher fit and function perfectly and they also secure the operation of your equipment. In addition, to ensure high performance, crusher wear parts must be made of quality materials in a foundry process that is closely monitored to meet the strictest quality requirements. Availability of proper lifting tools and installation instructions is also crucial to ensure safe and easy maintenance and installation of crusher wear parts. Another key thing to consider is that the right wear parts need to be available when you need them most, therefore working with a supplier with a strong global footprint and local support from their sales offices and distribution network is important.

Keep control of your operation at an affordable cost with Metso Outotec O-Series crusher wears

What if you could get crusher wear parts that deliver high performance and reliability at a more affordable cost? Metso Outotec’s newest range of crusher wear parts named the O-Series, are designed to help you stay in control of your operations with reliable parts, while keeping costs in check. They are designed to the same specifications and exacting standards as our crushers. As we are the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), we know the functional parameters, mechanics, kinematics, and forces to which the machine is subjected to during operation. With our expertise and knowledge of crushers and their different applications, we can also recommend the best wear solution for your crushing equipment. Therefore, you can trust that the O-Series crusher wears fit and function perfectly with your Metso Outotec crusher and that you will get the right crusher wears for your specific crushing application. O-Series crusher wears are available for Nordberg C Series jaw crushers, Nordberg HP and GP cone crushers and Symons crushers. For safe and easy maintenance, O-Series crusher wears are also available with lifting tools.

O Series 2Metso Outotec O-Series crusher wears are made with high-quality manganese that is the result of a specific and continuously monitored foundry process. The manufacturing process is constantly being assessed and improved to ensure that the quality of manganese casting meets the strictest quality requirements.

With Metso Outotec’s strategically located distribution centers and local distributors world-wide, O-Series crusher wear parts are available when and where you need them.

Metso Outotec O-Series liners prove successful at an aggregates plant in South Russia

Maykopskaya Nerudnaya Kompania located in South Russia offered to trial Metso Outotec O-Series wear liners for testing in their site. The O-Series wear liners were installed on a Nordberg HP3 cone crusher which produces crushed stone and gravel.

The reception was positive: the test showed that the cost of O-Series liners was lower than their previously purchased liners. At the same time, the operating time to produce the end product decreased slightly while maintaining quality. As a result, the cost of producing the same   quantity of aggregates was reduced.

Watch the video to hear more what our customer has to say about our O-Series crusher wear liners.

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