First Ammann Prime mixing plant sold in Europe

Ammann has sold its first ACM Prime asphalt-mixing plant in Europe to an operator in Ukraine.
April 9, 2021
Ammann Prime plants already operate in Latin America and Northern Africa
Ammann Prime plants already operate in Latin America and Northern Africa

The manufacturer says Prime plants have been extremely popular in Latin America, where they originated, and more recently in Northern Africa. Ukraine-based BahmachGazBudService recently acquired an ACM 140 Prime asphalt-mixing plant, which will be utilised for road construction in the country’s Sumy Region.

Ammann says the continuous plants are popular because they are mobile and produce high-quality mix which is as good as that produced by a large, stationary plant.

ACM Prime plants have advanced capabilities including being able to use as much as 20% recycled asphalt (RAP). Heating and mixing processes are clearly separated, and additives such as fibres and Ammann Foam can be introduced away from the heat source. The plant can also produce warm mix, and mixing time can be adjusted based on recipe and capacity.

BahmachGazBudService previously utilised a stationary plant but an increase in demand meant higher productivity was needed. The ACM 140 Prime can produce 140 tonnes of mix per hour, compared with the stationary plant’s output of 30 tonnes to 40 tonnes.

The second differentiator was mobility. “The customer doesn’t know exactly where in the region the projects will be, so he was keen on the mobility of the plant so it could quickly relocate closer to the jobsites,” said Yevhen Lytvyn, a sales representative at Euromash, Ammann’s dealer in Ukraine. He said the customer liked the fact that no cranes are required to install the ACM 140 Prime – and that very minimal foundation work is needed.

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