Key role for Ammann plant at Chinese asphalt producer

An Ammann mixing plant is helping Hangzhou Road & Bridge Group reduce emissions and change perceptions at its asphalt production centre in China’s Zhejiang province.
February 10, 2021
The asphalt production centre in Hangzhou
The asphalt production centre in Hangzhou

Having already purchased an Ammann UniGlobe 320 asphalt-mixing plant in 2011, Hangzhou Road & Bridge Group bought an ABA 320 UniBatch asphalt-mixing plant from Ammann in 2017 for use at the facility in Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang province.

“This asphalt-mixing production centre has raised the standard of the entire industry,” said Jerry Shang, Ammann China region director. “It has changed people’s impressions that making asphalt is messy and dirty – instead of a modern, clean, factory-style approach.”

The ABA UniBatch and the UniGlobe are at the core of the centre, which has a very small footprint and is located in the densely populated subdistrict of Renhe. This makes the minimisation of sound levels of the utmost importance, and both Ammann plants utilise cladding to reduce emissions, sound and dust levels. Hangzhou Road & Bridge must comply with strict government-mandated environmental standards, and Ammann says its plants help businesses meet such emissions challenges.

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