Komatsu adds intelligent control to excavators

Komatsu has rolled out the PC360LCi-11 and PC360NLCi-11 with iMC (intelligent machine control) 2.0 excavators for the European market.
June 30, 2021
The iMC system lets operators use excavators for machine grading as well as truck loading
The iMC system lets operators use excavators for machine grading as well as truck loading

The excavators are designed to offer high productivity earthmoving and precision grading in one package and incorporate several new iMC features. The new Komatsu Auto Tilt Control for tilting buckets makes operations on slopes and ditch work easier, automatically limits under-digging and increases bucket fill. The bucket automatically tilts to the design surface with no need for the operator to manually intervene.

The new Bucket Angle Hold means the operator no longer needs to use the lever to maintain the bucket angle through grading pass. Once the desired angle is selected, this feature automatically maintains it as the arm moves in. A new iMC 2.0 monitor provides intuitive smartphone-like screen navigation features. Komatsu says it is slimmer, lighter and more compact, with increased memory capacity and fast processing speed.

“On the previous model we had examples of customers using iMC to replace standard excavators,” says Rob Macintyre, product manager at Komatsu Europe. “They immediately benefitted from using their machine for grading as well as for truck loading, allowing them to redeploy other equipment and to really optimise their fleet on the jobsite.”

He adds that the new iMC 2.0 versions should give operators more opportunities to do this.

Operating weights of the PC360LCi/NLCi-11 range from 35,770kg to 36,850kg, and it has a maximum recommended bucket capacity of 2.66m³. The EU Stage V Komatsu engine has a power output of 202kW @ 1950rpm.